Make your own sun-kissed, summer look with DIY tie-dye. Bleach-dying is probably the easiest way to try out this major trend since you can use what you already have around the house.

Ready to get started?

Step One: Gather Your Materials

Prep for your tie-dye sesh by rounding up a few necessities. And keep in mind, when working with bleach, you should ALWAYS work in a well-ventilated area. We recommend outside! A t-shirt in any color except white (check out our women’s shirts & men’s t-shirts here!)

• Rubber bands or hair ties

• A spray bottle

• Gloves

• Bleach

Once you’ve got everything you need, set up your work station by putting cardboard or a plastic bag on a flat surface for minimal clean up.

Step Two: Twist Your Shirt

From there, lay down your t-shirt and begin twisting from the middle, then use rubber bands to hold your one-of-a-kind design in place.

Step Three: Spray with Bleach

Now’s time for the gloves – put them on and combine one part bleach with one part water. Then spray your shirt a BUNCH. Go lighter for a more low-key look and heavier for a more noticeable dye.

Step Four: Unwrap & Let Dry

Keep on the gloves and unwrap your shirt to check out your masterpiece! Let it dry completely, then wash once by itself before you wear it.

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