End of Summer Refresh: 3 Ways to Style 1 Essential Duvet

The IDEA of summer is amazing, but it’s actually kind of stressful, right? Whether you’re working, studying, or graduation-party hopping, these past few months have undoubtedly been jam-packed with all kinds of obligations.

Before you head into August, why not slow down and reset by giving your personal space a little refresh? A new comforter or duvet cover can totally change your bedroom’s vibe and can be styled so many ways by swapping out accent pillows and throw blankets.

Start with an airy, white duvet cover – the epitome of sophisticated simplicity – then layer on the accessories to turn the place where you dream into your actual dream space. Get inspired with these mix-and-match bedding ideas from our friends at Dormify:


Dormify Bedding


If sleek and clean is more your vibe, these modern, metallic (marbled!!) accent pillows are gorgeous to look at, and the cool gray tones are soothing and fresh.

Dormify Bedding


 Go for a soft, romantic feel with lots of different lush textures and a pale, tonal color palette.

Dormify Bedding


Nothing sets the mood quite like navy blue crushed velvet. These deep hues and textured accents channel a real sense of midnight serenity.




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