Say hi to our newest fit: Curvy Jegging

Introducing Curvy jeans!

Say hello to the newest addition to our lineup of women’s jeans – the Curvy jegging! Curvy jeans are made with more room through the hip and thigh to give girls with curves of all kinds the best fit possible.

4 Reasons to love the Curvy Jegging

GIF of curvy AE models in the new curvy jegging1. You’ll get that form-fitting, slimming jegging look you love, but with a little more space in the thigh and hip areas for a comfortable, flattering fit all day.

2. With Curvy jeans, you can say goodbye to waistband gapping (when your jeans fit at the hips and thigh but are too roomy at the waist). A slightly narrower waist means you don’t have to adjust and tug at your jeans throughout the day – they’ll just FIT.

3. You can ALSO say goodbye to sizing up. Pick your true AE jeans size and if you’re between size, you’ll probably want to size down.

4. We won’t sugarcoat it… Curvy jeans make your butt look good! Since the fit is designed to accommodate curves, it accentuates your behind for a look you’ll love and feel good about every time.

We’re introducing Curvy to our denim lineup with a bunch of fits:

the high-waisted jegging, super high-waisted jegging and highest waist jegging. Try them with free shipping and returns for a limited time!

Curvy AE models in the high-waisted jegging, super high-waisted jegging and highest waist jegging.

Quick note on sizing:

If you’re not sure what size would be best, check out our women’s bottoms size chart for all the deets needed to find your best fit. Since we carry Curvy jeans in a range of sizes, you can always have the size and length that’s right for you. See the sizing breakdown below:

Short, Regular & Long in sizes 00-20
Extra Short in 00-14
Extra Long in sizes 0-14

Share how you wear your Curvy jeggings on Instagram & Twitter with #AEJeans @americaneagle and you could be featured on our site, social media or blog!



  1. Sally Palmer

    This is great news! Low waisted jeans are often not flattering or comfortable. These jeans are designed to be both❤️👏

    1. American Eagle

      You got it, thanks for the love 🙂

  2. Jessica Moffatt

    It is about time AE !! Thank you on behalf or a the Curvey women out there.

    1. American Eagle

      Absolutely Jessica! The design team works nonstop to keep our styles and fits feeling and looking fresh, and your feedback means everything. After all, AE Jeans are made for you!

  3. Dee

    Can you make some normal mid rise waist? Why are they only high waisted?

    1. Megan

      I completely agree! It has taken me years to feel comfortable in my own body because my thighs and hips didn’t match my small waist. Finding jeans that somewhat fit was an emotional struggle. I have been waiting for jeans designed for curvy girls. Please don’t make me wait too much longer!

      1. American Eagle

        Hey Megan – thank you so much for sharing. We hear you and want you to know that you an expect to see more ranges/styles for curvy in the coming months being rolled out. Your feedback means everything to us and we appreciate you!

    2. Dee

      I’m Dee and I agree with you. I am also curvy but I have far from a flat stomach so high waisted jeans cut into my stomach which isn’t comfortable especially when I sit. Go mid rise!

    3. Laura Chavez

      Me encantan gracias AE

      1. American Eagle

        Muchas gracias Laura. AE Jeans son hechos para ti!

    4. alsnowgrrl

      YASSSSS! I’m short waisted, so high waisted jeans come up way too high!!!! Plus, I don’t like the waistband cutting into my belly button.

      1. American Eagle

        Hi! You’re not alone there. While the Curvy Jegging is something we’re extremely excited about, it’s only the beginning. You can expect to see more variations of curvy jeans in the coming months. Thanks so much for your feedback.

    5. American Eagle

      Hey Dee! Thanks for reaching out. Our teams are always looking for feedback from customers to make sure we’ve got a fit for every body. We take your insight seriously and will communicate this back to our teams. Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. Debby bean

    Glad to see new curvy jeans but my problem an many other plus size wemon have thick waists. We are not all wide hipped narrow waisted ladies. No matter if I get them a size too big the waist still cuts in. I love your jeans but give us some extra waist room or more stretch in the waistband.

    1. American Eagle

      Hi Debby – thank you for letting us know your thoughts about this new fit. We hear you! Luckily, the High/Super High/Highest Waist Curvy Jeggings are only one small piece of an amazing assortment that we’ll be rolling out very soon! We appreciate your feedback and are committed to making you feel amazing in our jeans 🙂

  5. Reyna Amaya

    Que excelente por que son mis marca preferida y aveces voy ala tienda y no hay ni tallas y diferentes estilos me refiero al color de la costura en las bolsas

  6. Ladena Edwards

    A.E can you please make some mid raise waist but in curvy we curvy women have problems trying to find a good fit , because we have small waist and a big booty and big hips so it’s hard sometimes to find jeans . Thank god A.E came out with curvy fitting jeans . We love your jeans !! Thank you .

    1. American Eagle

      Hi! Glad to hear you’re excited about the fit – we are too 🙂

      Your feedback is so important to us so please continue to let us know your thoughts as we continue to expand this assortment!

  7. Reyna amaya

    ¿ por qué aveces no hay estilos diferente ? ¿ por qué ya es tiempo cambien el color en las costuras delas bolsas para no parecer que andamos con el mismo pantalón ? ¿ me da gusto px que yo tengo muchas curvas

  8. Toni San Gabriel

    I had been reluctant to purchase jeans as they never fit right. Until i purchased jeggings from AE. I love it. Its my favourite. Gone are the other expensive jeans i had purchased in the past. Love love AE jeans. Your jeans give me confidence and I feel so sexy. My husband cant stop complimenting me.

    1. American Eagle

      Toni – we LOVE to hear that. Our #1 priority is making you feel amazing in your own body. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Autumne Stroup

    I agree with Dee! A little tired of everything be high waist. Not a lot of normal Jean selections.

    1. American Eagle

      Hey Autumne – thanks for sharing your feedback. We hear you and will be taking this back with our teams as we move forward and continue to roll out the latest styles & fits.

  10. Angel

    It would be nice it you had extra long in size 16 in all styles of your jeans.

    1. American Eagle

      Hi Angel – The design team works nonstop to keep our styles and fits feeling and looking fresh. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out more variations of the curvy fit! Thanks again for the feedback.

  11. sciencecarebear

    I want you to understand how appreciative I truly am that you guys have started this line of jeans.

    1. American Eagle

      Thank you for the love! AE Jeans are made for you 🙂

  12. Genoa Bramhall

    Thank you so much American Eagle! I haven’t tried the jeans yet as I’ve just heard about this but you can bet I’m going to find a store near me fast. Having a small waist in comparison to my hips and thighs has made shopping for jeans a generally emotional experience (in a bad way) and I’ve generally ended up buying jeans I’m not happy with, that make me feel ugly. But hearing about these jeans makes me so excited! I looked up the sizing chart and it seems to almost exactly match the size of my hips and waist. I’m so excited to be able to enjoy wearing jeans and maybe just maybe actually feel pretty wearing them.
    Thank you American Eagle!

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