CANdid: What Can You Do, Be Or Create?


What can you do, be or create? Share your stories of passion, inspiration and turning dreams into reality with us for a chance to be featured. Here’s how…

STEP 1: Get inspired by our cast members’ stories below.
STEP 2: Tell us YOUR story by creating a video.
STEP 3: Upload the video to Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and include the hashtag #WeAllCan.


From performing and directing to coding and advocating for equal rights, these inspiring individuals are leaving a mark on the world, one story at a time.

CALLIE REIFF // @calliereiff

Callie is a quadruple threat, having proven herself as a dancer, blogger, model and most recently, an NYC-based DJ.

Callie Reiff: CANdid

BEN NORDBERG // @bennordberg

Whether he’s hitting the streets or working the camera, this skateboarder specializes in keeping it chill.

Ben Nordberg: CANdid

KAI MORTON // @hiyakai

Cyber world, bow down. This avid gamer created her first app when she was just 17 and has been busy inspiring a new generation of coders ever since.

Kai Morton: CANdid

TYLER MITCHELL // @tylersphotos

At only 20 years old, Tyler is an accomplished film director and photographer with a finger on the pulse of both the Hollywood and hip-hop scenes.

Tyler Mitchell: CANdid

ALEXANDRA SHIPP // @alexandrashipppp

With movies like “X-Men” and “Straight Outta Compton” under her belt, Alexandra is poised to be Hollywood’s next “It” girl.

Alexandra Shipp: CANdid

CAMERON DALLAS // @camerondallas

This social media star paved his own road to success (and 15 million followers!) on Vine and Youtube. Next up? A Netflix original series.

Cameron Dallas: CANdid

Style isn’t about rules. It’s about telling your story. Sharing your inspiration. Staying true to YOU – and owning it. Be anything. Do everything. Love anyone. Play nice. Make peace. Stay true.


What can you do, be or create? We want to know! Show AND tell us by uploading your own video to Instagram, YouTube or Facebook with #WeAllCan.

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