How To Photograph Like A Pro: #AEOSHORTSCONTEST

You may have heard about it by now, but American Eagle Outfitters is giving away a once in a lifetime trip to Big Sur, California and $500 AEO gift cards! All you have to do is take a great shot wearing your favorite shorts and tag us with #AEOSHORTSCONTEST for a chance to win! To help you get the best photo of yourself, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks on what photos stand out to us the most. Take notes and get snapping!

1: Pick a photo-worthy background: We love a good image that goes beyond great #AEOSTYLE. Choose a background that is visually appealing and draws the eyes to your photo. If you live in a city, take pictures with fun skylines or city art. Live closer to the great outdoors? Your options are endless!

How To Photograph Like A Pro: #AEOSHORTSCONTEST

Photo By: @leahgae

2: Strike a pose: Find an angle that flatters your features best. Side angles, looking down at the camera or facing away from the camera are all great options.

3. Check your lighting: Lighting is so important when taking a great photo. Depending on what you’d like your aesthetic to be, lighting can make a good photo great. Check out this awesome article for ways in which you can use lighting to your advantage.

How To Photograph Like A Pro: #AEOSHORTSCONTEST

Photo By: @sisterlystyle

4. Focus, Focus, Focus: This might be simple, but make sure you focus when shooting! The sharper the image, the cleaner it looks.

5: Have Fun: Don’t forget to have fun while shooting! Embrace your unique #AEOSTYLE! We love seeing our customers doing what they do best in AEO.

How To Photograph Like A Pro: #AEOSHORTSCONTEST

Photo By: @kelaaawelaaaa

Good luck and check back each week for our #AEOSHORTSCONTEST winners!


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