How To Pair Your Men’s Performance Underwear With The Right Denim Fit

By now you’ve got your AEO Flex/Denim game on lock. Don’t get caught with your pants down… unless you’ve got the right underwear (hint: these) on underneath. Nothing moves with you better than our collection of AEO Performance underwear. Designed in soft, moisture-wicking jersey with flat seams for added comfort, you can’t go wrong with any of our three essential lengths. Here’s what we recommend to go with your favorite Flex fits.

Classic Length: perfect for slimmer fits like Super Skinny, Skinny or Slim.

Classic Length Performance Underwear for Men

Shop the Look:
AEO Classic Length Performance Trunk
Skinny Core Flex Jean
AEO Thermal Henley
Clarks Desert Mali Boot

Longer Length: these are ideal with any of our Straight fits, whether you prefer Slim Straight, Original Straight or Relaxed.

Longer Length Performance Underwear for Men

Shop the Look:
AEO Longer Length Performance Trunk
Slim Straight Extreme Flex Jean
AEO Flagstaff Flannel 
AEO Solid Pullover Vintage Hoodie (Shop Similar)
Hunter Original Rubber Lace-Up Boots

Extra Long Length: the most athletic length in the collection is made to wear sport to street styles like our Jogger in Flex Fleece or Denim.

Extra Long Length Performance Underwear for Men

Shop the Look:
AEO Extra Long Performance Trunk
AEO Active Flex Fleece Jogger Pant
AEO Lightweight Puffer Vest
AEO Heritage Thermal Shirt
AEO Turn-Up Pom Beanie (Shop Similar)
New Balance 410 Sneaker

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