Budweiser Made In America X AEO Blogger Guide: Tobruck Ave.

This week, we’ll be bringing you tips and tricks on what to pack from four of our favorite fashion bloggers, who not only have great style, they have great taste in music as well! Check out Kiara Schwartz’s post below and get ready to rock this weekend at Budweiser Made In America!


Kiara Schwartz from Tobruck Ave

BLOG: Tobruck Ave.
NAME: Kiara Schwartz

AEO: What are your must-have festival essentials?

Kiara: My festival essentials always include the most used and most easily lost items. I always have an extra charger for my iPhone, otherwise it’s impossible to stay connected without it! I also always bring along sunglasses, sunscreen, a second layer sweater or a kimono for when the sun goes down.

AEO: What is your perfect #AEOStyle festival outfit?

Kiara: The perfect look for the Budweiser Made in America festival will be surrounded by my favorite American Eagle denim picks! I am so excited to rock the denim Jeggings with a pretty lace top over them, along with some perfect festival-stomping booties.


Kiara’s #AEOStyle festival picks.

Shop the look:
Don’t Ask Why Muscle T-Shirt
Boy Jean
Moto Vest
Textured Zip Bootie
Striped Backpack
Glory Hats by Francis Fratelli
Embroidered Print Triangle Bikini Top
Blue Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace
Turquoise Studded Cuff

AEO: What are you packing for the Budweiser Made in America festival?

Kiara: Festivals always call for hats! Hats add a bohemian element while also hiding second-day festival hair. My polaroid camera and some fake tattoos will also be along for the ride. I’ll also be bringing crop tops, overalls and silky lace tanks and dresses.

AEO: Have you been to Philadelphia before? If so, what are your favorite haunts and if not, what are you excited to experience for the first time?

Kiara: I have never been before but have always wanted to go, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer. My close friend used to live there, and she’s given me some tips on where to wander. I am expecting it to have an amazing energy and a little bit of grunginess and lots of brick buildings and cool rooftops. I can’t wait!

AEO: Who are you most excited to see perform? What is your favorite type of music and how does it inspire your fashion choices?

Kiara: The line up for this festival is so good! I listen mostly to indie or rock and definitely love jamming to some good dance songs as well. I like anything that gets me moving. I am most excited to see The National, City and Color, Vacationer and of course Kanye! His shows are always talked about, so I can’t wait to see him live for the first time.

AEO: What goes into your bag at the festival?

Kiara: Being a Coachella veteran, I have learned over the years that less is more and essentials are key! A bottle of water, an extra iPhone charger, sunscreen, lipstick and bronzer for quick beauty refreshers as well as my film and polaroid camera.

AEO: What festival style advice can you give to our readers?

Kiara: A day at a festival includes so many activities, so your outfit should be ready for any adventure. That means, layering up and wearing flat booties (as opposed to sandals as getting your toes stepped on in the midst of a dance party is a total downer!). Denim shorts, a crop top, a kimono for layering and a hat to top it off is my go-to festival outfit. My other favorite combination is a lace dress with a kimono and booties with a fun feather headpiece. The key is to layer, and keep things loose and comfy!




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