Budweiser Made In America: L.A. Festival Guide

We’re back with your go-to guide for Los Angeles and if you haven’t already heard the fantastic news, American Eagle Outfitters is the official fashion partner of the Budweiser Made In America Festival! We’re so pumped to bring you some of the best beats, #AEOStyle and travel tips for this festival that takes place in L.A. and Philly. Check out our L.A. hour by hour festival guide to ensure that your time spent at Made In America is something you’ll never forget.


Day One: Saturday, August 30th:
  Rise and Shine! The sun is out and it’s festival weekend, baby!

9:00AM:  Hop in the shower, dry yourself off and put on your #AEOStyle! Guys, it’s all about having a good time. Pair a Graphic T-Shirt back to a pair of light denim, sneakers and a knit beanie for SoCal #AEOStyle. Girls, our Hi-Rise Festival Shorties are a must-have for any festival fashion. Add a flower crown, floral booties and lace top for a perfect BOHO beauty look.


Shop the look:
40 Ounces Graphic T-Shirt
Slim Straight Jeans
Canvas Sneaker
Camo Reversible Beanie


Shop the look:
Hi-Rise Festival Shortie
Lace Swing Tank
Cascading Floral Headwrap
Dr. Martens Hackney Floral Boot
FJALLRAVEN Totepack #1

10:15am:  Take a look around, enjoy the palm trees and sunny skies. Think about what fillings you’re going to add into your Taqueria El Tapatio breakfast burrito

10:45am:  Snap an Instagram worthy picture of your Taqueria El Tapatio breakfast burrito, and inhale. Feeling health conscious? Grab a super green juice from the Punch Bowl.

2:00pm:  Enter the Made In America festival grounds. Be sure to grab an exclusive #AEOMIA T-Shirt!

2:01pm  Take a selfie and let your friends know you’ve made it! (Don’t forget to tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA)

2:45pm: Pinch yourself because yes, you’re really in L.A. for Made In America. There are so many artists to see! Pull out your festival grounds map and start creating your schedule. Be sure to include Metric, Capital Cities and Dr. Dog as must see bands.

3:10pm:  Head on over to your first show. Don’t forget to stay hydrated

4:00pm:  Try to face time your friend who couldn’t make it to the festival. Let them know how much fun you’re having and that you wish they were here with you…just try not to rub it in too much.

4:50pm:  Grub break! Sniff out some delicious pizza and finish it off with some ice cold Pinkberry!

5:00-9:00pm:  Continue to view bands like ZZ Ward, Afrojack and Sublime with Rome. Yes you’re feet are hurting but  you’re having too much fun to care.

10:00pm:  I-G-G-Y with my name in bold. Need we say more?

12:30am: Head to bed you party animal! You’ve got another big day ahead of you!

Day Two: Sunday, August 31

8:00am:  Rise and shine sleepyhead. You’ve got some bands to see!

9:00am:  Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Dry off from your much needed shower and put on your second round of festival clothes.

10:30am:  Silence your hunger panes with Green Eggs and Ham from Huckleberry. Before you grub, snap a photo for Instagram. #FoodsofInstagram anyone?

2:00pm:  Ahh, MIA Festival Grounds and you meet again. You’ve got the whole security line system down by now.

3:00pm:  Lace up your dancing shoes and head on over to Weezer! Make Weezer jokes by introducing yourself as “My Name Is Jonas“. People will appreciate your knowledge of Weezer songs and Weezer sense of humor. Or, they just won’t get it…

3:01pm:  Take another selfie…this time with the stage and palm trees in the background.  Again, tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA.

4:00PM:  Make plans to see John Mayer and rock out to Classixx and Steve Aoki.

5:00PM:  Grub break! Gorge on festival food. Hopefully In-N-Out Burger will be serving their famous burgers with a side of fries…animal style.

5:45-9:00PM:  Bounce from concert to concert listening to awesome bands like Chance The Rapper, Vacationer and Yellow Claw.

10:00PM:  Get ready for a super fun concert by headliner, Kanye West.

12:30am:  Relive the weekend in your mind, and put your best festival shots on Instagram. Go to bed with plans to attend next year’s event.

Want more MIAFEST action? Check out our curated playlist in stores, online and on Spotify and listen here for live streaming of the festival.

Going to Philly? Don’t worry, we’ve created an hour by hour festival guide just for you.

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