Budweiser Made In America: Philly Festival Guide

If you haven’t already heard the fantastic news, American Eagle Outfitters is the official fashion partner of the Budweiser Made In America Festival! We’re so pumped to bring you some of the best beats, #AEOStyle and travel tips for this festival that takes place in LA and Philly. Check out our Philly hour by hour festival guide to ensure that your time spent at Made In America is something you’ll never forget.


Day One: Saturday, August 30th

8:00AM:  Hit snooze, you’ve got a big day ahead of you and you are wondering why you thought it was a good idea to set your alarm clock so early the night before.

8:09AM:  Hit snooze again…possibly a few more times.

9:00AM:  Wake up! It’s time to put on your #AEOStyle. Girls, Floral is always a good idea for music festivals. Pair your Don’t Ask Why Cropped T-Shirt back to ripped Jeggings, Cutout Booties and Slouchy Marled Beanie for city sleek festival style. Guys, Joggers are the way to go. Pair your Jogger Pant back to a Plaid Button Down, funky Athletic Sneakers and Paneled Cap for a look that will keep you spotted all night long.


Shop the look:
Don’t Ask Why Cropped T-Shirt
Slouchy Marled Beanie
Cutout Bootie
Chain Link Crossbody Bag


Shop the look:
Jogger Pant
Plaid Button Down Shirt
Herringbone Paneled Cap
New Balance Ballistic 501 Sneaker

10:15am:  Hail an Uber for super quick service that you can pay for on your phone. It’s so easy!

10:45am:  Grab a coffee at Elixer Coffee. We hear their latte with almond milk is an energy lifter.

2:00pm:  Enter the Made In America festival grounds. Be sure to grab an exclusive #AEOMIA T-Shirt!

2:01pm:  Take a selfie and let your friends know you’ve made it! (Don’t forget to tag us with #AEOstyle and #AEOMIA)

2:30pm:  Lace up your dancing shoes and head on over to The Neighborhood for songs like Sweater Weather and Afraid.

2:31 pm:  Take another selfie…this time with the stage in the background. Again, tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA.

3:00pm:  Mark your calendar to see to The National and rock out to “I Need My Girl” and “Graceless“.

4:00pm:  Food break! Gorge on festival food. Hopefully Pat’s and Geno’s are selling their famous cheesesteaks. With wiz or without? You can’t go wrong.

4:45-9:00pm:  Bounce from concert to concert listening to awesome bands like Holy Ghost, Baauer and City and Colour.

10:30PM:  Be blown away by the notoriously unexpected performer, Kanye West.

12:30am:  Go to bed, this time pushing your alarm back an extra hour so you’re ready to rise-and-repeat for day two!

Day Two: Sunday, August 31

8:00am:  Rise and shine sleepyhead. Day two is here and it’s time to get up!

9:00am:  Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Dry off from your much needed shower and put on your second round of festival clothes.

10:30am:  Is it thundering? No, that’s just your stomach telling you it wants food now. Belly on up to brunch at the Pub & Kitchen. We hear their Spicy Bloody Mary is one of the best in town.

2:00pm:  Ahh, MIA Festival Grounds and you meet again. You’ve got the whole security line system down by now. Text your friends and let them know you’ll meet them in approximately 8-10 minutes…depending on what security guard you get.

2:30pm:  Break out that festival schedule! It’s time to mark down must see bands like Grimes, Girl Talk and Bear Hands.

2:31pm:  Take another selfie…this time with the stage in the background.  Again, tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA.

3:00PM:  Boogie on over to Pharrell Williams, Spoon and Tiesto!

4:00PM:  Grub break! Gorge on festival food. Burger and fries anyone?

4:45-9:00PM:  Bounce from concert to concert listening to awesome bands like Mimosa, Vacationer and Gareth Emery.

9:30PM:  Get ready for a super fun concert by headliner, Kings Of Leon.

12:30am:  Relive the weekend in your mind, and put your best festival shots on Instagram. Go to bed with plans to attend next year’s event.

Want more MIAFEST action? Check out our curated playlist in stores, online and on Spotify and listen here for live streaming of the festival.

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