#AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition: Crops

We believe in one-of-a-kind fits, not one size fits all. We put our blood, sweat and tears into designing the best fits, the latest washes and sizes designed for everybody.

Nifesimi from Skinny Hipster styled our Boy Jean Crop. Your favorite denim fit, now in crops. From light to dark, clean or destroyed… they’re easier to love than ever.

What inspired Nifesimi’s look:
As a student, I love being comfortable when going to classes or walking around campus. Boyfriend jeans and moccasins are two of my go-to pieces for school. I really like the versatility of this outfit, it can also be worn to a get-together, a beach party or on Labor Day.

PA0_4643-3434454154-O PA0_4644-3434454172-O PA0_4646-3434454235-O PA0_4647-3434454252-O PA0_4648-3434454274-O PA0_4650-3434454324-O PA0_4651-3434454350-O PA0_4661-3434454618-O PA0_4667-3434454752-O PA0_4670-3434454959-O PA0_4671-3434454951-O PA0_4672-3434454931-O PA0_4673-3434455113-O PA0_4674-3434455091-O

Meet Nifesimi:
Skinny Hipster is owned and curated by Nifesimi, a Nigerian-American living in Maryland. Nifesimi is a lover of all things bold and inspiring, including prints, bright colors and clean lines.

Get Nifesimi’s look:
Boy Jean Crop
Jegging T-Shirt
Boyfriend Denim Vest
Minnetonka Kitty Suede Moccasin

Show us how you style your Crops. Tag your photo with #AEOSTYLE and #AEOJEANS for the chance to be featured on our blog, Tumblr or AE.com style gallery.

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