#AEOSTYLE Challenge Denim Edition: Skinny

We believe in one-of-a-kind fits, not one size fits all. We put our blood, sweat and tears into designing the best fits, the latest washes and sizes designed for everybody.

Freddy from menswear blog Blue Perk styled our Skinny Jean. Rugged denim and our slimmest fit yet come together to make this jean a modern essential.

What inspired Freddy’s look:
When I think back to school style, I instantly think of shoes and a backpack. These two accessories will be used the most throughout the year and will make an instant statement the first day of class. This is why I chose a backpack and a pair of shoes that compliment each other with their red and blue color contrast. Both of which could be worn all year with blue jeans.

IMG_4157 IMG_4154 IMG_4074 IMG_4144 IMG_4131 IMG_4249 IMG_4204 IMG_4171 IMG_3855 IMG_3822

Meet Freddy:
Freddy Rodriguez is the blogger behind the popular menswear site, Blue Perk. The Texas transplant, now European based editor, made his way to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated to pursue his career in blogging. He enjoys traveling at a moment’s notice, and shares his unique perspectives on Instagram @FREDRDGZ. Though his passion is sharing the art of dressing well with others, you can also gain his insight in traveling, grooming, and where to enjoy delicious bites.

Get Freddy’s look:
Skinny Jean
Plaid Button Down Shirt
Canvas Buckled Backpack
Leather Strap Watch
Herringbone Paneled Cap
New Balance Ballistic 501 Sneaker

Show us how you wear our Skinny fit with #AEOSTYLE and #AEOJEANS for the chance to be featured on our blog, Tumblr, Instagram or AE.com style gallery.

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