DIY: Cropped Muscle Tank

If you’re anything like us, you know how long we’ve waited to show some skin for summer temperatures. We’ve put together an insanely easy step-by-step guide to turn your old t-shirts into vintage inspired muscle t-shirts to ensure that you’re #AEOStyle is optimal for tanning. Channel your inner craftee and follow the steps below to make your #AEOStyle personalized!

Gather your supplies:


Step 2:
Match up the points of the collar so the front and back of the neckline are aligned. Using the seam as a guide, cut off the neckline just below the seam.

STEP_3Step 3:
Starting at the top of the shoulder, pick your desired shoulder width. Again, following just below the seam, cut a semi-circle to remove the sleeve.


Step 4:
Fold the shirt in half, lining up the edges of the shoulder, side and bottom. Use the already cut side of the shirt as a guide to cut the other sleeve.


Step 5:
Keeping the shirt in the same position, use the seam as a guide to remove the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut to your desired length, keeping in mind the original length of the t-shirt. (regular or crop).


Step 6:
Your vintage inspired muscle crop tank is complete!

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