What’s Trending this month? You asked, we tell…

Shopping and #Selfies are still apparently all the rage, nevertheless the techy world is flooded with new ways to experience these two favorite millennial obsessions.

Currently Trending – Shopaholics
The shopping experience that is consuming the majority of our time, is sharing products with our online ‘friends’ that show off our sense of style and how we want others to perceive the way we dress. Discovering, pinning and wish listing are where it’s at right now!


AEO DIY Pinterest Board

Thought that Pinterest and Wanelo were your only options?! Not quite, check out the following:

Nuji:  A new shopping app that allows you to discover things you love from people, brands and stores you like all in one place.

LoveList:  The fastest way to get a product from the shelf to your Pinterest board. Combine your love of shopping with your love for Pinterest and instantly add an item to your board.

Wish:  This app learns your style preferences and provides a feed of tailored items just for you.

So what’s next? After you’re done pinning your hearts out with the products that you want to be seen in – now it’s time to crowdsource. Reading reviews and asking others for opinions on whether we should whip out our credit cards or sadly, empty out our shopping carts.

Feel better when your friends give you the thumbs up? If so, you will totally dig:

Tiinkk:  Can’t make up your mind if you should buy that cute summer dress? Take a photo or two, post it, and wait for the opinions to flood in on this decision sharing app.

Jelly:  Ask a question with photos, maps, friends, and more. It’s also people helping each other—something that’s both meaningful and fun.

WhispShop for your favorite brands while you chat with your friends about style. While browsing your favorite brands, stores, and styles you can share thoughts and opinions with your friends

STILL Trending – #Selfie Nation
Will the #selfie craze ever die?? Nope, and especially not after the world learns of these new selfie creations that practically jump off the screen and come to life. Take your selfies to the next level with a 3D selfie figurine, you can even give yourself a six-pack stomach!

Check out the following – But first, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE.


AEO Social Media Team #Selfie (Filter: Afterlight)

Shapify:  Want a 3D selfie delivered to your door? Shapify streamlines 3D-selfie creations by acting as an intermediary between existing 3D scanning and printing platforms.

Twinkind:  A pop-up studio in Hamburg creates life-like “photo figurines.” Not enough for you, customize your handbag with your selfie or give yourself a set of six-pack abs.

Leblox: An app that lets users create 3D, pixelated avatars and print the results.

Disclaimer: 3D selfies are not free.

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