Meet the Dogs: Meghan and Wicket

Meet the Dogs: Meghan and Wicket

For the preview of our newest brand, American Beagle Outfitters, we enlisted Vine Superstar Brittany Furlan‘s dogs to model the newest trends from our Spring 2014 collection. Read on to learn more about Meghan and Wicket and why they love American Beagle Outfitters. Plus, make sure you preview the entire collection at and watch the Dogumentary.

Dog Names: Meghan (Meggypoos) and Wicket

Dog Ages: Megypoos is 7 and Wicket is 6.

Dog Breeds: Meghan is a Long-haired Dachshund and Wicket is a Yorkie.

Meghan and Wicket

Meghan and Wicket  (Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan)

Do they do any tricks?

Both dogs can roll over, speak on command, give paw, sit and lay down

Why did you think your dogs would be a good models for our newest line?

They’re both as cute as pie

What are your dog’s favorite places to hang out?

Anywhere I’m hanging out.

Would you recommend American Beagle Outfitters to other dogs?


Brittany snuggling with Wicket and Meghan.

Brittany snuggling with Wicket and Meghan. (Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan)

Are your dogs single or attached?

They’re both too attached to their mother to seek out relationships with others.

Ride in the car vs. walk in the park?

Car rides all the way.

Rope vs. fetch?


Favorite treat?

Happy Hips (Chicken Breast flavor)

What was it like meeting your dogs for the first time?

I was so excited but they were both so small as puppies I had to make sure not to love squeeze them to death.


Brittany and Wicket selfie.

Brittany and Wicket selfie. (Photo Credit: Brittany Furlan)

Nappers vs. players?

Nappers, all day every day.

What words do they know?

Treat treat, outside, hungry, go for a ride, where’s mommy?, go get your baby, sit, lay down, roll over, speak, come, bathy (they hate that one), kissy, sleep with mommy, up, where’s daddy?

Who are your dog’s best friends? 

Each other!

Where do your dogs sleep?

With me

Is there anything your dogs won’t do?

Eat asparagus.

What makes your dog bark?

Intruders, knocks on the door, men who dance

What is the funniest thing that your dogs do?

The, “I have to go to the bathroom dance”- Wicky

The, “I’m gonna roll all over your new rug” -Meg

How would you describe your dogs’ #AEOStyle?

Chill yet fashionable.

When you heard American Eagle Outfitters was coming up with a clothing line for dogs what were your first thoughts?

I was like, “I just hope they incorporate a hole for them to pee pee out of.”

Where would your dog wear American Beagle Outfitters?


What would be the perfect look for you to match your dog?

All denim errrrythang

Want to learn more about Brittany, Meghan and Wicket? Follow them on Vine and Instagram.

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