AEO Friends & Family: George E., NYFW Photographer

AEO Friends & Family: George E., NYFW Photographer

Did you catch our coverage of New York Fashion Week with Preston and Lauren? They hit the streets with photographer George Evan to capture some of the awesome street style they spotted while attending the fall shows. Read on to learn more about the photographer behind the lens and follow him on Instagram at @thevagabound.

american eagle outfitters new york fashion week spring 2014 george evan photographer

George in the Premium Slim Jean and the Denim Jacket.

How did you discover your interest for photography?

When I was young, I encountered the pinhole effect, which is a lighting phenomenon discovered in the times of Aristotle, and became fascinated with the way lighting could create and manipulate a mood. My parents had a film camera I would use. I began using it as a bridge into other people’s lives and using it as a way to portray a person while expressing ideas and opinions.

How did you get your start as a professional photographer?

I attended photography school in Santa Barbara. While I was there, I interned for David LaChapelle and then started working for him at his studio, which was an invaluable education in itself. After a while, I came back home to the East Coast and settled in. New York has been a home base for me ever since. Photography, like life, can be an exciting journey.

What is your favorite style of photography?

I am drawn to conceptual portraits – images that convey who a person is in an aesthetically moving way. Fashion and adventure photography also have their own beauty to me. I’m obsessed with learning about new styles, new cultures and meeting new people.

What is your favorite camera to shoot with?

I grew up shooting film and later printing in the darkroom and I still use many alternative techniques in some of my work. In addition to shooting digital, I usually will use a few different vintage cameras that I’ve gathered over the years. Each has its own advantages and unique way of seeing.

What is something surprising about being a photographer that people don’t usually know?

It feels more like a lifestyle than a job. One that provides both freedom and challenges. For me, starting out has been a balance between left and right brain.

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled for your job?

I recently spent a few weeks working in Zambia and I had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly inspirational people.

american eagle outfitters new york fashion week spring 2014 george evan photographer

George captured this photo of Victoria Falls during a recent trip to Zambia. Click through to see more of his photos on his website.

What is your favorite style of AEO jeans?

The Slim Jean is cozy and durable. The Denim Jacket is great either on its own or with other layers.

Does your work influence your fashion? How?

Absolutely. Fashion, like photography, is a way of expressing myself. I’m thankful to have worked with amazing brands and stylists and I hope some of that style has rubbed off on me.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I can find ideas and inspiration inside myself as a result of looking everywhere: in clothes, cultures, nature, memories and most of all, love.

What was the most fun part of shooting New York Fashion Week with Preston, Lauren and AEO?

The entire experience with AEO, Preston and Lauren has been really productive, which is always inspiring. Working with a great crew to photograph amazing people and cool clothes has been a dream come true.

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