AEO Friends and Family: Freddy Rodriguez- Blue Perk

AEO Friends and Family: Freddy Rodriguez- Blue Perk

At 22, Freddy Rodriguez. is pretty busy. He’s the editor of the menswear site Blue Perk, consults for PROJECT trade fair, works alongside Alicia Quarles of E! News and for Details Magazine, and he’s a full-time student at FIT in New York City. Although Freddy is on the verge of graduating college, his drive and resume are quite impressive. And the best part about all of this? He’s humble as all get out! Read on to learn more about how he got his start as a fashion blogger and where he gets his inspiration.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello cyber universe, my name is Freddy Rodriguez and I am the editor behind the popular menswear site Blue Perk. I am originally from small town Texas—Robstown, Texas to be exact. With a population just over 12 thousand, I had always been itching for big city life, which is what brought me to New York City three years ago.

AEO Friends and Family Freddy R.

Freddy Rodriguez the editor behind Blue Perk.

How did you get your start in the blogging world?

My start in the blogging world was just after my first semester at FIT. I went back to Texas for the summer and wanted a way to stay proactive and express myself while away from the city. What started out as fashion trending articles, movie reviews and whatever caught my interest slowly shifted to personal style, after noticing the womenswear market was already saturated and the menswear market was dismal with lots of room to grow. After two years of consistency, I have become fortunate enough to be respected for what is still a fun hobby and way to document my life.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration is drawn from everywhere, whether it be in Central Park or looking out my window in the Lower East Side. I am constantly absorbing my surroundings and taking inspiration to stay fresh.

How would you describe your style?

The best way to describe my style is comfortable. Basically I’m not the traditional menswear guy, but I do love a great jacket, black skinny jean and comfortable shoes, all while wearing a watch and some other wrist accessory with sunglasses.

AEO Friends and Family Freddy R.

Freddy R., Blue Perk describes his style as non traditional and comfortable.

Is there an item of clothing or an accessory that you can’t live without? What’s your staple piece?

An item that I can’t live without would first be my iPhone, but second would be a watch. This is something I used to dislike wearing as a kid, but have learned to appreciate. A nice watch completes every outfit and is distinguishing.

You’re currently a senior in college. What is next on your to do list in life?

The million dollar question! My next to do list in life is to travel through Europe and Asia for a year. I’m not ready to be tied down to a desk job. Freedom to travel and check off as many bucket list items is my next goal, then I’ll take it from there in a year.

A lot of people admire you and your line of work. What advice would you give to those who want to start their own blog?

My advice for work and blogging is to be consistent, do everything the best you can, don’t be afraid to take risks and remember that networking is honestly your best friend for success.

You’re an extremely humble individual so I can see why so many people admire you. How do you stay true to yourself in a world that can be crazy at times?

This is something my mother engraved in me growing up. She always knew I was special and that I should never forget where I came from. Three years later, I haven’t forgotten the 10 acres of land I grew up on outside of a small lower middle class community. We all had to start somewhere and I don’t ever want to not be true to the kid that moved here with a dream and ambition.

AEO Friends and Family Freddy R.

Freddy and his mom

Have you ever had an OMG moment in your line of work?

Actually, I have OMG moments all the time. I am extremely fortunate to work alongside Alicia Quarles of E! News and for Details Magazine, these two alone are OMG moments. One exact moment recently would be covering the menswear shows during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week this past season and attending the VMAs at Barclays Center.

AEO Friends and Family Freddy R.

Freddy with Alicia Quarles of E! News

How do you Live Your Life?

I live my life by seizing everyday to its fullest. #carpediem


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