Fitness Fridays: Study Break Spinner

Fitness Fridays: Study Break Spinner

In honor of our AEO Performance launch, we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts. We asked AEO copywriter and resident bike enthusiast Grace M. to tell us how AEO Performance fits how she lives her life.


American Eagle Outfitters AEO Performance Study Break Spinner

AEO Performance: Study Break Spinner


Get the look:

AEO Performance Mesh Peplum Tank

AEO Performance 2-in-1 Tank

AEO Performance Braided Bra

AEO Performance Midi Short

New Balance 792 Sneaker

What are your favorite pieces from the AEO Performance line?

This midi short is a must-have for warm-weather rides and indoor spin classes! Plus, they’re great for wearing under a skirt or dress if I’m heading out on a bike date with my boyfriend. For more serious rides, I love the support of the two piece tank and the multi-tone straps on the Braided Bra make it perfect for layering under tanks. This peplum in particular is an incredible combination of form and function. The moisture-wicking mesh is designed in a pretty lace pattern and the paneling helps keep everything in place when you’re on the move.

How did you decide to start biking?

I got my first bike for my 3rd birthday and have been in love ever since.  I took up completing triathlons in college and started riding competitively, eventually joining the cycling club at my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. I don’t race anymore, but I still ride every day, commuting to work and adventuring all over the city.


American Eagle Outfitters AEO Performance Study Break Spinner

Grace getting ready to go for a bike ride.


What tips would you give people who are thinking about starting a biking routine or going to a spin class?

Don’t wait any longer! Spin classes are a great way to get comfortable on a bike if you’re not ready to hit the streets just yet, and the community feel of working out with other spinners is super motivating. If you’re ready to get outside,  just make sure you’re geared up with a helmet and lights and know your routes. Biking is way more fun when you feel confident and safe.

What songs do you love to hear at spin class?

I’m actually pretty into pop on the bike! That tends to be what most spin instructors lean towards so it’s what I associate with spinning.


American Eagle Outfitters AEO Performance Study Break Spinner

Grace’s bike at Niagara Falls.


How do you stay motivated to stay fit with biking/spinning?

Biking is such a super fun, easy way to stay in shape. When you’re exploring the city or heading out to dinner with friends, even beating all the rush-hour traffic home from work, you’re definitely not thinking about working out. Which is awesome. Plus, the cycling community in most places is very inviting and you tend to meet some really interesting people when you ride bikes.


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