How To: Stack Your Jewelry

How To: Stack Your Jewelry

Ever wonder how you can recreate the jewelry looks you see in stores and on Our American Eagle Outfitters Manager of Styling Lauren tells you how to get her signature stacked jewelry look!

As we move into the fall season, we transition from earthy beads and neon into more neutral tones in metallic and shine.  These heavier pieces really add a glam look to any outfit!


Add heavier pieces to take your look from Summer to Fall.


Take some of your favorite pieces with a focus in one metal (like silver) and be sure to have a mix of silhouettes (bangles, cuffs, beads and chains). Metal mixing is  a big trend right now, so be sure to throw in a couple pieces in a different metal (like gold) to add depth to your look.


Stick to one metal in different silhouettes then add in another metal for depth.

Shop the Look:

AEO Beaded Bracelet

AEO Classic Bracelet Set

AEO Plated Cuff

AEO Bangle Set

AEO Chain Link Bracelet

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