AEO Better World: AEO Pelotonia Recap

AEO Better World: AEO Pelotonia Recap

Read more about the inaugural Team AEO Pelotonia’s 100+ mile bike ride this week in Ohio, straight from Team Captain & AEO Photo Studio Director Justin C.

This past weekend I captained the inaugural American Eagle Outfitters team in a charity bike ride in Central Ohio. The event is named Pelotonia and is one of the largest organized bike rides in the world.  Our team consisted of home office associates, field associates, family and friends. While some of our riders participated in the past, this was the first year American Eagle Outfitters had an organized team.


Team Captain & AEO Photo Studio Director Justin C.

Pelotonia is more than a grassroots bike tour. It is a place of hope, energy and determination. It is a community of people coming together to chase down cancer… and defeat it. Pelotonia is inspiration, commitment and life.


Paul E. Director of Marketing Strategies/Testing & Research
Marketing and member of the AEO Peletonia team

Depending on the ride distance they choose, Pelotonia riders commit to raising anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200 for cancer research. Most riders surpass their fundraising commitments by meaningful amounts as they are inspired by the Pelotonia community and understand that 100 percent of the funds they raise go directly to cancer research. The success of Pelotonia’s efficient fundraising model has led to substantial national interest from other cancer programs nationwide.


Dylan P. – Photographer for AEO and member of the AEO Peletonia team

This year, Pelotonia was a powerful three-day experience that started on Friday afternoon with an Opening Ceremony celebration and concluded on Sunday afternoon at the finish party for the 180-mile riders. During the weekend, Pelotonia offered numerous options to attract riders with a wide range of abilities. Riders could choose a one-day ride of 25, 50, 75 or 100 miles or a two-day ride of 155 or 180 miles. Pelotonia’s full-service approach to the weekend included providing nutrition, hydration, first aid, bike maintenance, transportation, lodging and entertainment to ensure a safe, successful and fun weekend for all of its riders.


George F.- Senior Creative Director of Photography and member of the AEO Peletonia team

We all worked to raise money and we are not finished yet. Even though the ride is complete we are still soliciting donations through October. The 11 riders have already raised over $21,000 toward the cause.

bike 8

Michael L.- Senior Vice President-Chief Marketing Officer and member of the AEO Peletonia team

Learn more about Team Peletonia and how you can help

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