AEO Better World: AEO Pelotonia

AEO Better World: AEO Pelotonia

This Saturday, August 10, Justin C.,  American Eagle Outfitters‘ Director of the Photo Studio & Color Correcting, will be captaining Team American Eagle Outfitters in Pelotonia, a bike ride to raise money for cancer research. 100 percent of funds raised by every team is donated to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center—Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC—James).

Pelotons, a cycling word for team, will embark on their fifth ride in support of the fight against cancer with hopes to contribute to Peletonia 13’s goal of raising over $19 million. In the past four rides, Pelotonia has raised $42.2 million.



AEO Pelotonia 13 Gear.

The ride spans anywhere from 25 to 180 slow miles, so Pelotonia is a great event for riders of all skill levels. Team AEO is a new peloton in this year’s ride and is made of nine cyclists: Paul E. (Director of Market Research), Kriss F. (Friend of AEO!), Michael L. (Chief Marketing Officer), Dylan P. (Photographer), George F. (Senior Creative Director of Photography), Kara J. (AEO Field Team), Lane M. (AEO Field Team) and David R. (AEO Field Team).

Over 6,600 riders already registered for the ride and Pelotonia 13 expects to see 7,400 riders come out in support of the cause this year, with 40 riders from Pennsylvania alone. In past years, 42 states and 3 countries were represented.

Follow along with our riders as they Instagram and Tweet their journey with #AEOPelotonia and #AEOBetterWorld.


Learn more and help Team AEO Pelotonia reach their goal!


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