Project Live Your Life: Week 1 Finalists

Project Live Your Life: Week 1 Finalists

Check out Week 1 Finalists from Project Live Your Life! Enter now for your chance to be part of the American Eagle Outfitters brand the chance to see yourself here next week!

Adria Vaidila Old School Cool W1

Adria V.- Old School Cool

Allx Manalac Always Active W1

Allx M.- Always Active

Amanda Narverud AEO Heritage  W1

Amanda N.- AEO Heritage

Anthony Duran Escoboza Always Active W1

Anthony D.- Always Active

Arielle Tillett AEO Heritage W1

Arielle T.- AEO Heritage

Austin Adkins Vintage Style W1

Austin A.- Vintage Style

Bailey Sondag Vintage Style W1

Bailey S.- Vintage Style

Chyanne Reese Denim JEANius W1

Chyanne R.- Denim JEANius

Devin Brewster Old School CoolW1

Devin B.- Old School Cool

Dillan Moore AEO Heritage W1

Dillan M- AEO Heritage

Gabrielle Shamon Denim JEANius W1

Gabrielle S.- Denim JEANius

Julia Demma Ready to Rock W1

Julia D.- Ready to Rock

Kathryn Cacho Vintage Style W1

Kathryn C.- Vintage Style

Lisa Knox Always Active W1

Lisa Knox- Always Active

Logan Soto Ready to Rock W1

Logan S.- Ready to Rock

Matty Caldwell Vintage Style W1

Matty C.- Vintage Style

Morgan West Denim JEANius W1

Morgan W. – Denim JEANius

Rachel Palumbo Old School Cool W1

Rachel P.- Old School Cool

Sarah Acord Ready to Rock W1

Sarah A.- Ready to Rock

Scotty Jacobson Vintage Style W1

Scotty J.- Vintage Style

Tanner Holley Always Active W1

Tanner H.- Always Active

Tommy Rodriguez Old School Cool W1

Tommy R.- Old School Cool

Nathan Meck  Ready to Rock W1

Nathan M.- Ready to Rock

Stevan Ditter Denim JEANius W1

Stevan D.- Denim JEANius



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