Weekend Getaways: Portland, OR

Weekend Getaways: Portland, OR

Planning a weekend trip to Portland, one of the hippest cities around, and not sure what to wear, eat, or do? We’ve got you covered. Read on to see what to pack, can’t miss food spots, and the coolest places to check out.


Guys can keep things simple with time-honored favorites that work no matter what. We’re loving a vintage-inspired chambray shirt thrown over an ombre stripe tee and faded grey denim shorts. A pair of leather flip-flops ties the look together.

Portland Packing Guide for Guys

For girls, it’s all about vibrant extras teamed with simple starters like a sleeveless denim shirt and slouchy short. Add some color with a striped scarf, bangles, strappy sandals and even a bracelet watch. Don’t forget the shades for that blazing sun and a backpack to hold all your essentials!

Portland Packing Guide for Girls

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AE Striped Ombre V-Neck Tee

AE Chambray Western Shirt

AE Grey Denim Cutoff Short

AEO Leather Flip-Flop


AE Denim Safari Shirt (similar)

AE Sateen Midi Short (similar)

Bass Clementine Sandal

AEO Striped Scarf

AEO Embroidered Backpack

AEO Bracelet Watch

AEO Printed Icon Sunglasses



Portland, also known as “America’s Capital of Cool“,  is a city known for its greenery (it’s often awarded as the “Greenest City in America”) and eclectic mix of culture. Whether you’re there to see a comedy sketch in northeast Portland or have the urge to explore the Japanese Gardens, there is always something to keep your mind, body, and soul engaged. Below are a few places to check out while you’re wander-lusting in the city of roses.

Columbia River Gorge: North America’s second largest river, The Columbia River Gorge is the outdoorsy type’s paradise. Whether you like camping, hiking, rafting or photography, you’re bound to find excitement within this national scenic area.  No matter what you put on your to-do list, make sure you check out the various waterfalls littered throughout the gorgeous park.

Portland Saturday Market: Loaded with pieces from artists around Portland, you can find all sorts of treasures tucked away within the booths of the Saturday Market.

Oregon Zoo: This 125 year old zoo has some of the world’s most exotic and exquisite animals that have walked the earth. Check out animals like the amur leopard, kinkajou, dwarf mongoose and monkeys for a way too cute experience.

International Rose Test Garden: Portland is also known as the City of Roses. Many rose gardens are planted throughout the city, but our favorite is the International Rose Test Garden. The sole purpose of this garden is to test out new rose varieties. Not only is it a great spot to check out new species, it smells wonderful too.


Now that you’ve explored what Portland has to offer, its time to chow down! Take a look at our top haunts to fill your belly.

Tasty N’ Sons: Brunch. It’s the hybrid between our two favorite meals and makes it completely acceptable to have waffles and a BLT at the same table, at the same time. Tasty N’ Sons knows how to cook a meal… and they do it well. Whether your into a griddled bacon wrapped date with maple syrup &  almond or a cobb salad, Tasty N’ Sons has got the fixins’ for it. We recommend Erin’s Sweet Biscuits with Oregon strawberries & whipped cream.

Beast: Although it’s a bit pricey, Beast offers a six-course Prix-fixe dinner five nights a week with more meat than you know what to do with. We say go wild, channel your inner carnivore and indulge.

The Bent Brick: Known for their eclectic variations of ingredients and locally sourced produce, The Bent Brick serves up a tasty treat. We recommend trying their salmon smoked chips and the hamburger dog.

Saint Cupcakes: Their baked goods are insanely good they should be considered a sin! Full of flavor and fun, each sugary treat is baked to perfection. We recommend trying the Red Velvet Cupcake or the Who Needs a Brownie? cookie.

Voodoo Doughnuts: Dangerously delicious and known for their crazy creations and clever names, Voodoo donuts puts a spin on traditional tasty treats. Not sure you want cereal or a doughnut for breakfast? No need to decide… try the Captain My Captain doughnut to satisfy both cravings or bite into a Voodoo Doll Doughnut to kill your chocolate craving.  We’ve come to the conclusion that the Voodoo Doughnuts are too deliciously “sweet” to be considered evil.


Need more ideas for your Pacific Northwest getaway? Check out our Portland Pinterest board.

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