DIY: AE Photo Real Tote

DIY: AE Photo Real Tote

Do you have a favorite Summer tee or tank that is wearing out but you love too much to throw out? Our stylist Erin had the same problem and she turned one of our photo real tanks into a tote that’s perfect for the beach, the farmer’s market, or heading to yoga class.

What You’ll Need

AE Photo Real Tank

AE Fringe Scarf

Sewing machine (not pictured)


Straight pins


Step one: Gather your materials.

Step two: Cut the fringe off your scarf and cut a square (you can choose the size) to make a pocket on your tote.

Step three: Use straight pins to pin the pocket on the back of your tank. Fold the seams in 1/2 inch to make a clean edge.

Step four: Pin the bottom of the tank closed with straight pins while attaching the fringe from the scarf.

Step five: Sew the bottom of the tank closed.

Step six: Slide one layer of your tank under the sewing machine to sew your pocket on. If you slide the entire tank under the sewing machine, you will sew your tote shut!

Step seven: Show off your new photo real tote!

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