Remix Your Style: Spring Break

Remix Your Style: Spring Break

We couldn’t be more excited about our new festival-friendly collection and can’t wait to see how you wear it.  Get inspired by some behind the scenes footage from our most recent shoot in Palm Springs and take a few tips from an awesome stylist, Alexandra. She highlights a few of this season’s key trends and shows different ways you can play up details to help take what we make, and make it your own.

A few things to remember when styling your Spring to Summer look:

  • Fringe is in. Whether it’s a subtle frayed hemline, bright trim on a gauzy scarf, or a bolder detail, like on the AEO Suede Booties Alexandra is wearing in the video. Festival fringe has some major benefits.
  • Go off the cuff. We take major pride in bringing you shorts you love, but the best part about them is their versatility. Leave your cutoffs as-is for a casual, frayed look, or cuff them to sharpen your style.
  • Put prints together. Mixing patterns is hot for spring. We love Alexandra’s combo of subtle and bold patterns that come together to create a fresh, unique look.
  • Remix your genres. One of our favorite looks Alexandra put together for guys is Festival Prep, mixing distressed denim cutoffs with a classic oxford and printed tie. Don’t be afraid to show off different sides of yourself all in the same outfit.
  • Festival Shorts. Festival Shorts. Festival Shorts. We cannot get enough of our newest fit for women. Perfectly distressed and effortlessly cool, their cut helps lengthen the leg and provides the perfect starting point for any outfit. Personalize yours with bright belts, peplum tops and layered prints.

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