Jenna’s Makeup Looks for Spring

Jenna’s Makeup Looks for Spring

We had the opportunity to work with Aerie’s makeup artist and Clinque’s first ever Global Colour Artist Jenna Menard during our Spring 2013 photo shoot. Jenna carefully crafted a makeup look for each girl during the photo shoot to show off her personal style and the theme of the season – color! Read below to find out how Jenna achieved the six distinctive looks and how you can replicate their make-up style.

Simple & Fresh – Emily Beth

For Emily Beth I wanted to focus on her eyes that were as bright as her personality without taking anything away from them. For shadow, I used a soft cream pink shimmer on the lid (top and bottom), a few coats of mascara, cream blush in a violet pink, and for the lips I created a custom mix of a gloss with a hint of the cream pink eye shadow on the bow of her lip.

Lip Pop – Lindsey

Lindsey was up for experimenting with different looks so we had fun with some color. She is a fellow makeup artist, so I worked with her on what she was interested in trying for the shoot and she was up for anything! I decided the main event for her was the pop of color on her lips, but didn’t leave the eyes natural. I used a semi-natural finish lip crayon with intense color and blotted it down to get that perfect worn in lip look. On her eyes I used a bit of liner smudged to a shadow to create definition and also add another element of color on the face. I layered 2 shades of soft liner and blended them together, dragging them upward and stopping before reaching the crease of the lid. On her cheek I dusted a warm toned blush just below the cheekbone to create some shape.


Effortless Warmth-Malia

malia american eagle outfitters makeup surfer spring 2013 live your life make up by jenna menard

Malia’s Spring Makeup Look: Eyes – Colour Surge Eye Shadow Beige Shimmer; Face – Up Lighting Liquid Illuminaton Bronze

For someone who is on the beach and catching waves most of the time, I wanted to stay true to Malia’s lifestyle and overall vibe. This look was all about her bronzed skin and slight definition around the eye with no signs of hard lines or bright colors. I used a taupe shadow around the eye – the key was to not over think it, just swipe the color on and make sure it is blended into the lid. I then accentuated her sun-kissed glow with liquid bronze highlight on her face and lips. Only two products and she had the ultimate surfer look!

Natural Elegance – Marisa

Since Marisa is a ballet dancer, I used soft neutral shades keeping her look naturally elegant. I played off of who she was as a person- sweet and uplifting.

I stated by drawing more attention to her brows. I used a brow pencil to naturally fill in her brows to frame and draw more attention to her eyes. Since attention was drawn upward, I used a brow liner around the eyes topped with a combination of two neutral taupe shades on the lid, keeping the shadow just above the crease of the lid. I couldn’t resist applying a pale pink blush classic of what I think of when thinking of ballet dancers! It was subtle. On the lips I used a tinted balm to bring some natural coloring to the lips.

Define and Glow – Megan


Being a photographer herself, Megan was intrigued by the entire atmosphere of our photo shoot. She embraced each step of the process. For Megan, I went for a monotone bronze look focusing on her amazing lashes. For a hint of color and definition around the eyes, I used a plum eyeliner and blended it so there was no sign of a line. For even more definition I used a volume mascara and applied multiple coats. I combined both bronzer and a warm shimmer bronze blush to create a warm glow on the skin. Lastly, I used a nude lip color to create the monotone feel.

Peachy Sheen – Tonikali


Tonikali shined on the inside so I brought it to life with her makeup look. With a few hints of peach and some sheen on the lid, Tonikali was set. I used a cream shimmer shadow all over her lid, fading gradually all the way to just below the brow. On her cheeks I used a cream stick that was a peach tone to bring a pop of color to the face. For her lips I used a very sheer wash of a deep raisin color to create a naturally healthy lip tone.

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