AE Friends & Family: Meet Gab B., Host of AEO TV

AE Friends & Family: Meet Gab B., Host of AEO TV

Meet Gab B., the host of AEO TV. AEO TV is our internal training program for store associates to help educate them on all of the awesome fashions, outfitting options, and styling details you see in our stores. When Gab is not starring in AEO TV videos, she is pursuing her love of  stand-up comedy in Pittsburgh

How did you discover your passion for performing?

I guess it all started when I was cast as Dasher in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the second grade Christmas play.

How did you get your start as the host of AEO TV?

I saw a tweet about an open casting call. I figured the job would be more of a traditional style of acting in a corporate video format. I’m so happy that I was wrong! I guess because I had both a background in media and comedy, when they created a “host” type position, my name came to mind.

What does your job entail?

I mostly interview buyers, designers, store managers, and corporate managers for store associate training purposes. I have been fortunate to host a couple live events for American Eagle Outfitters as well, including the annual holiday party and award ceremonies. I just finished up a two week tour around the United States and Canada working on a project to reward stand-out store associates, which we also filmed and will use as training tools.

Gab Bonesso host of AEO TV at the American Eagle Outfitters holiday party

Gab at the annual AE Holiday Party

Who has been the most important influence in your life?

My parents for sure. I am without a doubt a product of those two amazing individuals.

What is your dream job?

I would love to have my own sitcom,  a children’s talk show,  a sketch comedy show on HBO, or a solid career as a movie actress. Or all of the above! (I’m supposed to be dreaming, right?)

What is next on your ‘To Do In Life’ list?

Break dance or tap dance.

How would you describe your style?

Urban Prep.

How does your work influence your style?

My work as a comedienne definitely influences my style. When I perform standup comedy, I am very physical with my body, so it is imperative that I wear comfortable clothing but still be fashion forward.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I am honestly inspired by everything around me. People, nature, art, science… I can’t get enough of you, World!

Where is the coolest place you’ve traveled for your job?

The coldest place was Saskatoon, but the coolest place was by far New York City.

Do you have any cool interests or hobbies?

As an artist, I feel like my profession and interests are all tied together. I write plays, I write columns, I write songs… basically I love to write! I play trumpet and drums. I do a wicked Billie Holiday impersonation. I’m also a self proclaimed grill master with a penchant for grilling steaks and watermelon.

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