#AEDenim Twitter Chat With Clint and Helen

#AEDenim Twitter Chat With Clint and Helen

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012 we had our denim designers Clint G. and Helen K. take over our Twitter account from 6-7 p.m. to answer our follower’s questions about all things AE Denim. Check out some of the highlights from our Twitter chat below.

@jochrisbanez: #aedenim What is the hardest thing about working with denim as a fabric?

@american_eagle: Hardest part is also the most fun part. There’s always an element of surprise because it’s such a science. #aedenim

From Jason on Facebook: Why are men’s jeans so ill fitted in the crotch and back? The pants always sag and cause guys to have no butt. #aedenim

@american_eagle: Guys often buy the wrong size. They tend to not want jeans to be as fitted as Women’s jeans. -CG #aedenim

@ZachFoley:  @american_eagle why did you discontinue the slim fit jeans for men? They were the only pants I wore. #aedenim

@american_eagle: The slim was discontinued to accommodate the new Skinny. Working on delivering a more updated Slim! -CG #aedenim

@HeyFash: @american_eagle How do Helen & Clint know what fits/washes are going to be in trend and sell well?? #aedenim

@american_eagle: As a designer, it’s part intuition and part research. But largely intuition. -CG #aedenim

@LeahMoreno@american_eagle What inspired the skinny kick jean? Does it look like boot cut and flare styles will come back in style?

@american_eagle: The idea came from questioning what else would the ‘Skinny’ girl want 2 wear besides the current fit & what shoes could -HK #aedenim

From Dorothy on Facebook: How do you find the perfect jeans for your body type? #aedenim

@american_eagle: The best way to do it is come into our store. Take each fit of your size & try them on. In-store experience is vital. -HK #aedenim

@american_eagle: Denim on denim.. yay or nay? #aedenim

@elhowarth: Canadian tuxedo – nay #aedenim

@american_eagle: There’s a way to do denim on denim. The most modern way to do it is take a light washed Chambray shirt with a pure rinse indigo -HK #aedenim


Watch below to find out more about Men’s Denim from Clint:


Watch below to find out more about Women’s Denim from Helen:

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