Where Has Your AE Been – China

Adero K. is a student at DePaul University and studying Economics and Chinese Language. This summer Adero spent two months in Shanghai, China in an intensive language program. “What is a better excuse to shop at AE then studying abroad?” Adero told us.

Adero (right) and her friend are on a bridge in Nanjing, China. Adero is wearing an AE tank and an Aerie skirt from Spring 2011. Nanjing is the home of Confucius’s temple and she and her friend, Kaylee, spent the day shopping.

One of the highlights from Adero’s summer in China was climbing the Great Wall. The Great Wall is in Northern China, so it is kind of chilly, even in the summer. Adero is wearing an AE hoodie from Summer 2009 and climbed hundreds of steep stairs just to snap that picture.

Has your AE been somewhere equally as fabulous? Send your photos to social@ae.com and you could star in ‘Where Has Your AE Been?’.

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