Google Wallet Invades AEO Times Square

All month long, AE is giving shoppers in the Times Square store in New York City the opportunity to try the new Google Wallet app!

What is Google Wallet? It’s an app for your smartphone that contains all of your store reward cards (such as AEREWARD$), credit card information, and even special discounts!


AE and Google set up a full experience ‘Tapping Spree’ in Times Square for customers to see Google Wallet in action. When a customer comes in to try Google Wallet, they are loaned a Google Android phone and given a ten dollar AE gift card they can load into their mobile wallet. They can even load their loyalty number into the phone, so it’s automatically applied at check-out, with one tap of the phone at the register.

Customers shop throughout the five floors of our Times Square store, tapping Google wallet signs and discovering special offers that are loaded onto the phone.

Customers who take part in the Tapping Spree at the Times Square store can also get their 15 seconds of fame on our Times Square billboard:

American Eagle customers will have the opportunity to try out Google Wallet at the Times Square store until October 31. American Eagle is the only launch partner that will have the full Google Wallet experience like this!

Want to know more? Google put together a great video to show how Google Wallet works:

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