Get Inspired: From Trash to Treasures

In the early 1900s, residents near Fort Bragg, California, took all of their garbage to land that was owned by the Union Lumber Company. This land just happened to be right on the ocean, underneath a cliff, so for years, hundreds of tons of garbage was getting thrown off this cliff into the ocean. People threw glass, appliances, and even old cars off this cliff. This once beautiful beach became literally and figuratively, a dump.

Mother Nature, however, found a way to right herself. The glass that was thrown into the ocean got worn down and smoothed into pebbles by the salt water and ocean currents. In 2002, MacKerricher State Park purchased the 38 acre stretch of land that was known as ‘Glass Beach‘ and finished cleaning up what little trash remained in the area. Now visitors can even walk barefoot through the glass pebbles!

Examples of the glass pebbles on the beach.

The beach is once again safe to walk on barefoot.

The cliff where people used to dump their trash.

View of the beach overlooking the water.

This inspires us because no matter how bad things can seem, there can always be beauty that can come out of it. Whenever you think something is trash… give it another look! It might just end up being able to turn into a treasure!

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