Get Inspired: Sierra Leone and African Fashion

Sierra Leone is considered the world’s least developed state by the United Nations. Until recently, Sierra Leone was known for civil war, child soldiers, and blood diamonds. 25 year old fashion designer Adama Kai lives in Sierra Leone and doesn’t let Sierra Leone’s dark history hamper her dreams or plans. After studying at Parsons in New York and later in Paris, Kai began Aschobi Designs, Sierra Leone’s first western style fashion brand in the company. Kai’s inspirations for her line are traditional African fashions with a modern twist. She makes clothing that proudly displays their African roots but is appropriate for the modern woman. She wants Aschobi Designs to be like its Western counterparts: “Ralph Lauren stands for in America, Chanel for France, and Versace for Italy, I want Aschobi to stand for African fashion”.

Originally found here.

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