Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

The Aerie Anytime collection speaks for itself. Whether you’re working out, running errands or lounging around the house, Aerie Anytime offers the comfiest #OOTDs fit for real life. Our girl Natalie from Natalie Dressed shows us how she styles her favorite Aerie Anytime look 3 different ways.

Meet Natalie:
Natalie Comstock is the author of the life and style blog, Natalie Dressed, and founder of Style + Spirit, a graphic apparel brand she recently started.  As a lover of both the world of fashion and the world of spirituality and self-development, she’s rooted both her blog and company in the message that style and spirituality can go hand in hand and that you don’t have to sacrifice one in order to have the other. Natalie lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and rottweiler pup, Bailey, has a minor obsession with killer heels, and calls the beach her happy place. You can find her on Instagram at @natalie_dressed.

Working Out Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

Get Natalie’s Look: Aerie Tank | Cotton Plunge Bralette | Skinny Yoga Pant | New Balance Colorblocked Sneaker Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

What Inspired Natalie’s Look:
“As someone who loves basics, does yoga, and works from home, it’s important to me have to pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile, comfortable, and stylish. All of the pieces here fit that criteria. ”

Running ErrandsAerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

“The Aerie tank has become my new favorite top. I have worn it more times than I’d like to admit since it arrived in the mail. It’s so soft and has the perfect amount of slouch to it. I also love that you can see the lace of the bralette peak out, which adds something a little more feminine to the mix. The bralette is super comfy and is making me want to add many more to my wardrobe! These pieces can be mixed and matched with so many other things I own. One thing is for sure – they’ll make me feel much cuter and put together when I’m working and working out!” Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

Lounging at Home
Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

“I love that these yoga pants are super fun while still being neutral and versatile. I can wear them while working at home during the day without feeling like a slob and then throw on a pair of tennis shoes for an afternoon workout. They’re also great for lounging around the house on the weekends.”Aerie Anytime 3 Ways with Natalie Dressed

Show us how you style our Aerie Anytime collection with #AerieREAL on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured on our Style Gallery! xo

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Fitness Fridays: Weekend Yogi

Fitness Fridays: Weekend Yogi

In honor of our AEO Performance launch, we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts.

We asked AEO web designer and resident yoga teacher Catherine G. to tell us how AEO Performance fits how she lives her life (and teaches her yoga classes!).


American Eagle Outfitters Weekend Yogi Fitness Friday

Headed to yoga this weekend? Wear our favorite AEO Performance pieces perfect for the studio.

n honor of our AEO Performance launch we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts. – See more at:


Get the look:

AEO Performance Ruffleback Tank

AEO Performance Crossback Bra

AEO Performance Legging

New Balance 792 Sneaker


What are your favorite pieces from the AEO Performance line?

I love the AEO Performance Ruffleback Tank. It comes in so many great colors and the details are so pretty and feminine. It’s a serious upgrade on the plain workout tank and shows off our crossback bras. Our leggings are so comfy and look really cute paired with the New Balance 792 Sneaker for the walk to the studio.The AEO Performance Mesh Peplum Tank & AEO Performance Striped Crop Pant are my other two favorites. I get tons of compliments every time I wear them to my studio.


How did you decide to start doing yoga?

I started practicing right after college because I’d done it in high school on a VHS, liked it, and needed to stay in shape as an “adult”. I lucked out and found the best studio ever with amazing teachers in Pittsburgh. I haven’t stopped going for the last four years. Now I teach for that studio, assist their teacher training program and throw a glow in the dark yoga party every few months with tons of neon and black lights. Doing yoga has become more of a lifestyle for me and less of a means to stay fit.

American Eagle Outfitters Fitness Fridays Weekend Yogi

Catherine teaching her glow in the dark yoga class.


American Eagle Outfitters Fitness Fridays Weekend Yogi

Catherine practicing yoga.

What tips would you give people who are thinking about starting yoga or are new yogis?

I have a few pieces of advice:

  1. Be open-minded (and don’t make excuses). No one cares if you’re flexible or not or if you om off-key. It’s all about coming together and creating positive energy.
  2. Everyone’s first time is nerve-racking. Give yourself props for trying something new and don’t worry if you don’t know all the poses right away.
  3. Try a few studios. Not all yoga studios are the same. Try a few places with different styles and see what fits you best.


Some of the classes you teach feature great playlists. How do you choose the perfect music for a yoga class?

I love teaching to unexpected music. A lot of yoga classes are set to music you’d expect for yoga, but I try to just play whatever I’m currently loving because my students end up loving it too. I play a wide range: from electronic dance to chill instrumentals to well-known favorites from the radio. Check out my Spotify playlist of favorite yoga songs for your own practice.


How do you stay motivated to keep fit as a yogi?

Since I do heated power yoga, I get everything I need in a workout in 75 minutes. The practice doesn’t get boring because I’m always learning new poses and tricks to keep it interesting. I’ve even tried aerial and paddle board yoga. The challenge is finding the time to get to my mat, but I’m motivated because if I haven’t practiced in a few days, I feel the consequences in my mental clarity and energy level. I need it.

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Everyday Moments – Yoga Guru

Everyday Moments – Yoga Guru

 Good morning, class. Let’s begin. Ommmm. As we focus on our breath and meditation, let’s take a look at what  makes the true yoga guru, a style guru too.

Whether you are a yoga lover, a recreational athlete, or just running…errands, we have selected our favorite look to move and groove in comfort.

Shop: The Complete “Yoga Guru” Look

  Love our everyday moments? Share below – where are you on the go?

Namaste, lovelies!


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