Zen On: 4 Yoga Poses To Master This Summer

During the summer, it feels like plans are never ending and a new invite pops up on your calendar every day! Although we usually think of summer as a season of relaxation, these months can get pretty busy – sometimes to the point where you actually have to set aside time for yourself. We love a good Netflix binge as much as the next person, but we’ve also discovered that there are more productive options if you need to de-stress… and, surprise!, you won’t end up feeling like a couch potato after. One of our favorite ways to unwind is by getting active, whether that means taking a walk outside, lifting weights in the gym or hitting the mat for some yoga. Active movement helps to clear your mind and strengthen your body. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your athleisure #AEOSTYLE! Today, we’re grabbing our yoga mats and breaking down four yoga poses to master this summer.

Low Impact Sports Bra
Crop Hi-Rise Legging

CRESCENT LUNGE (Anjaneyasana):
Alignment Tips: Make sure you’re on the ball of your back foot and that your hips are square. Sometimes it helps to put your hands on your hips and psychically align them so that they’re facing the front wall. Keep your back heel firm on the floor and the back leg strong as if you were trying to touch the back of your knee to the ceiling. To your own degree, bend your front knee as close to 90 degrees as possible. Reach your arms overheard and breath deep.

Benefits: Stretches hip flexors & legs; strengthens thighs and glutes; opens chest; improves balance

Master these 4 yoga poses by the end of summer!

DANCER (Natarajasana):
Alignment Tips: Keep a slight bend in your standing leg & shift weight on to this leg. Bend your back leg up to your degree slowly, simultaneously catching your foot or ankle with one or both hands if possible. You can reach one arm in front to help your balance. Keep your neck long and head high.

Benefits: Improves balance; strengthens legs and core; stretches shoulders and chest

Master these 4 yoga poses by the end of summer!

ONE LEGGED KING PIGEON (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana):
Alignment Tips: Keep your shin on the ground parallel to your mat to protect the knee. Slightly angle your back hip and from a straight leg, bend the back leg up. Catch the ankle or foot with one or both hands, or rest it in your arm as seen below. If you cannot reach back or bend the leg up, that’s fine! support yourself upright using both arms in front.

Benefits: Stretches thighs, chest and shoulders; stimulates abdomen & internal organs

Master these 4 yoga poses by the end of summer!

ONE LEGGED KING PIGEON II (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II):
Alignment Tips: Start with shins on the floor and core reaching high. Slowly backbend to your degree and catch one leg within your arm as your raise it. Reach the other arm toward the ceiling and breathe. If you need back support, bring your lower hand to your lower back and breathe.

Benefits: Stretches torso and deep hip flexors; improves posture; strengthens back; stimulates abdominal organs

Master these 4 yoga poses by the end of summer!

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Source: Yoga Journal

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Fitness Fridays: Weekend Yogi

Fitness Fridays: Weekend Yogi

In honor of our AEO Performance launch, we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts.

We asked AEO web designer and resident yoga teacher Catherine G. to tell us how AEO Performance fits how she lives her life (and teaches her yoga classes!).


American Eagle Outfitters Weekend Yogi Fitness Friday

Headed to yoga this weekend? Wear our favorite AEO Performance pieces perfect for the studio.

n honor of our AEO Performance launch we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts. – See more at: http://www.ae.com/blog/#sthash.n9UdRYQQ.dpuf


Get the look:

AEO Performance Ruffleback Tank

AEO Performance Crossback Bra

AEO Performance Legging

New Balance 792 Sneaker


What are your favorite pieces from the AEO Performance line?

I love the AEO Performance Ruffleback Tank. It comes in so many great colors and the details are so pretty and feminine. It’s a serious upgrade on the plain workout tank and shows off our crossback bras. Our leggings are so comfy and look really cute paired with the New Balance 792 Sneaker for the walk to the studio.The AEO Performance Mesh Peplum Tank & AEO Performance Striped Crop Pant are my other two favorites. I get tons of compliments every time I wear them to my studio.


How did you decide to start doing yoga?

I started practicing right after college because I’d done it in high school on a VHS, liked it, and needed to stay in shape as an “adult”. I lucked out and found the best studio ever with amazing teachers in Pittsburgh. I haven’t stopped going for the last four years. Now I teach for that studio, assist their teacher training program and throw a glow in the dark yoga party every few months with tons of neon and black lights. Doing yoga has become more of a lifestyle for me and less of a means to stay fit.

American Eagle Outfitters Fitness Fridays Weekend Yogi

Catherine teaching her glow in the dark yoga class.


American Eagle Outfitters Fitness Fridays Weekend Yogi

Catherine practicing yoga.

What tips would you give people who are thinking about starting yoga or are new yogis?

I have a few pieces of advice:

  1. Be open-minded (and don’t make excuses). No one cares if you’re flexible or not or if you om off-key. It’s all about coming together and creating positive energy.
  2. Everyone’s first time is nerve-racking. Give yourself props for trying something new and don’t worry if you don’t know all the poses right away.
  3. Try a few studios. Not all yoga studios are the same. Try a few places with different styles and see what fits you best.


Some of the classes you teach feature great playlists. How do you choose the perfect music for a yoga class?

I love teaching to unexpected music. A lot of yoga classes are set to music you’d expect for yoga, but I try to just play whatever I’m currently loving because my students end up loving it too. I play a wide range: from electronic dance to chill instrumentals to well-known favorites from the radio. Check out my Spotify playlist of favorite yoga songs for your own practice.


How do you stay motivated to keep fit as a yogi?

Since I do heated power yoga, I get everything I need in a workout in 75 minutes. The practice doesn’t get boring because I’m always learning new poses and tricks to keep it interesting. I’ve even tried aerial and paddle board yoga. The challenge is finding the time to get to my mat, but I’m motivated because if I haven’t practiced in a few days, I feel the consequences in my mental clarity and energy level. I need it.

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