Real Talk With Jordan Jones of Packed Party

We talked to Jordan Jones, founder of the MOST fun Packed Party gifts brand. Find out how she started her business in her apartment and read about her must-haves for your holiday parties this season. Check out our fave Packed Party items at our Spring Street Pop-Up and at now!


How did you come up with the idea for Packed Party?

The idea for Packed Party came to me in a dream in 2013. I had moved to San Francisco not knowing anyone, was sort of feeling sorry for myself one evening in my apartment and called my mom who told me I was having a Pity Party for myself and to go to bed. Thank goodness I listened to her because I went to bed and woke up from a dream about sending a physical Pity Party to myself. I scoured the internet for anything like it and there was nothing that existed so I wrote a business plan for Packed Party right there and sent it to my dad the very next day.


What advice do you have for girls who want to start their own companies?

If it’s an idea you’re truly passionate about, dive in head-first fearlessly. No one can stop a woman with passion. I loved Packed Party from the night it came to me in my dream, I knew no one could do it better than me at 23 and today at 27 I still believe that. I have a passion for making people’s days and giving great gifts so I’m truly doing what I love. There will always be nay sayers or people who will try and get in the way, but when you know in your heart of hearts you’re the person to do the job and you love it, there’s no stopping you.


We love the Packed Party Pom Pom Magnets! What do you love most about the pom trend?

Thank you! Me too!! I am a pom pom fanatic. I have been since I was little weirdly so it makes a lot of sense so many of our fall + holiday items have poms on them! I think details are incredibly important so adding a pom to anything makes it a little bit better and pops it!

Real Talk With Jordan Jones of Packed Party

Packed Party is our go-to for unique gifts! What are your must-haves for the ultimate holiday party?

I love a good holiday party! I love creating a great tablescape story and always look to my friend Darcy Miller for inspiration in this department. As far as the actual place setting I love putting a staple in place people can keep with them like a Disco Drink or some sort of fun gift with someone’s name attached to it. Can never go wrong with a disco ball on the table, right?


What makes you #AerieREAL?

I pride myself on keeping it very real with people. Everyone who knows me knows where they stand with me, I have a lot of trouble hiding my emotions, ha. My mom raised me to be really confident in who I am and never sort of “pretend” to be anyone else so I don’t wear much make-up and that’s sort of set the tone in our office – we’re all about keeping it easy, natural, and functional. No one here is trying to be anyone they’re not which I love. Being a Party Girl means being confident in the skin you’re in and owning whatever it is you’re dealing with like a Pity Party, celebrating yourself for that big raise at work with a Yay, You, you-name-it.

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Stocking Stuffers

Aerie Social December projects3356

Little things, big loves! This Holiday we’re stocking up on…stocking stuffers! Whether you’re searching for gifts under $20 for a Secret Santa or a last minute gift, our new grab & go table has everything from phone chargers to beauty essentials!

A few of our faves: the Fringe Faux Leather Notebook, our Luxy Emoji Keychains, our I’m Real Facemasks, and Fringe Square trays (perfect for jewelry!) Stock up on the cutest stuff now at or head in to your local Aerie store and visit our grab & go table!

Show us your haul with #AerieHAULiday! Happy Holidays!

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Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Guys, we know shopping for your gal is never easy so we’re here to help! From gorgeous bras and undies to cozy plaid pajama pants and robes, Aerie is the ultimate  Holiday stop for all of your gifting needs.

Easily shop online or find her favorite items at your local Aerie store.

On a budget? We’ve divided our favorite gifting items by price. You can shop Stocking Stuffers, Gifts Under $20, Gifts Under $30 or Go For WHOA! .

Look 1: Holiday Cozy 

For the girl that likes to layer and keep warm over the Holidays, you should start with the sole.  A pair of  furry slippers will keep her toes toasty. Our flannel pajama pants are a great go-to for a sister, friend, or girlfriend. She will love the plaid mixed with a bit of shimmer on the pockets. The best part about Aerie is that a lot of our items mix and match so she can have fun pairing her new favorites and it will take the stress off off you when it comes to picking colors.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 1: Holiday Cozy

Look 2: Sporty Chic

Do you know a girl who’s always on-the-go? Then she definitely needs some time to relax. Give her a gift that sparkles and shines just like she does. We recommend our featherlight and pillow soft Lindsey Lightly Lined bra. She is one of our girls’ all time favorites and one of the most comfortable bras! Pair with our graphic boxers and sexy, cute boyshorts.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 2: Sporty Chic

Look 3: Dots of Love 

Send your cutie sweet dreams with our polka dot sleep shirt. She’ll find the fit and simplicity irresistible. Another great gift idea is one (or all) of our fragrances. She’ll love the sweet scents of WHOA!!, Daydream, Aerie, and Hidden Love. They come in full size bottles, rollerballs, and in mixed sets for shopping ease.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 3: Dots of Love

Is your list for your sweetheart growing longer? Good! Still stuck? Shop our pretty little Gift Sets. Our Gift Sets are perfectly packaged and ready-to-give, making it even easier for you to find the perfect gift!

Need help shopping or trying to find the perfect gift? Find an associate at your local Aerie or tweet us @Aerie. We’ll help you find that perfect gift for your special someone.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!




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