#AEOSTYLE: January Must-Haves

#AEOSTYLE: January Must-Haves

It’s a new year which means it’s time to refresh your #AEOSTYLE. Check out our five January must haves for women and men and be sure to show us how you wear them with #AEOSTYLE for a chance to be in our style gallery.



american eagle outfitters january 2014 must have items

It’s all about denim, pastels and booties for women this January.

Get the look:

Boyfriend Jean Jacket

Panel Striped Swing T-Shirt

Chunky Sweater

Skinny Jean

Chain Strap Bootie



american eagle outfitters january 2014 must have items

Look laid back and stay warm in a thermal, shawl cardigan, chambray shirt, slim jean and sneakers this January.

Get the look:

Ringer Thermal

Washed Shawl Cardigan

Striped Chambray Button Down Shirt

Slim Jean

Canvas Sneaker

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Meet the Cast: Spring 2014

Meet the Cast: Spring 2014

This September, we took 16 participants of Project Live Your Life to San Francisco for the adventure of a lifetime during our Spring 2014 photo shoot. They made every second count in heritage-born jeans inspired by the birthplace of American music and style. Click through to learn more about these inspiring individuals.


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Meet the Cast: Tyler

Meet the Cast: Tyler

Meet Tyler, a rapper, musician and philanthropist from North Bergen, New Jersey. We were inspired by Tyler’s passion and talent and that is why we chose him as a winner of American Eagle Outfitters’ Project Live Your Life. Keep reading to learn more about Tyler and be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

You are musically talented. How did you find your passion?

I started writing music at the age of nine and singing and dancing at the age of five. My mother was in a band, so that’s where I first found my passion.

Are there any rappers, singers or artists that you aspire to be like?

Lupe Fiasco or Lauren Hill, lyrically.

You have GREAT hair. What is your daily regimen?

I normally wash my hair every other day and once every month I’ll do an avocado treatment. I also use coconut oil.

Where do you pull your lyrical inspiration from?

Past experiences, my everyday life, what I know and the people around me. Everyone has a story.

Have you ever written a song about another person?

Yes, I have written songs about my family, especially my mother, and one song about my father, “Griffin 2 Griffin”.

If you could pick one artist to do a collaboration with, who would it be and why?

Definitely Justin Bieber. I’m a huge fan of his music and I greatly admire his work ethic. He’s accomplished so much at the age of 19 and is a really great artist in my opinion.



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Meet the Cast: Caleb

Meet the Cast: Caleb

Meet Caleb, a fitness enthusiast from Cadwell, Georgia and winner of American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. Follow Caleb on Instagramand Pinterest to learn more about what inspires him.

What was it like moving around as a kid?

Moving around as a child was very exciting, the best part was exploring new houses. My favorite place I ever lived was Utah.

You play soccer, what position and how old were you when you started?

I started playing soccer when I was four years old. I play forward which is an offensive position.

How do you stay in shape for soccer?

I run, lift weights and do lots of ab exercises.

What is currently rocking on your workout playlist?

Juicy J and Lil Jon.

Soccer is a team sport. How do you keep your cool when things get heated on the field?

It takes practice and lots of patience.

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Meet the Cast: Stephen

Meet the Cast: Stephen

Meet Stephen, a snowboarder, surfer and an American Eagle Outfitters store associate from Sellersburg, Indiana. We interviewed Stephen while on our Spring 2014 photo shoot in San Francisco to learn more about him. Check out what he had to tell us and be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter, Instagram, and see his Pinterest board.

What’s it like to grow up in Sellersburg, Indiana?

It’s quite fun for a small, quiet country town. Although everybody knows each other it’s nice because you never know when you may need a neighbor’s help.

Where do you go out for a late night bite in your hometown?

If I go out for a late night bite I usually go to Steak ‘n Shake.

You like to snowboard. How did you find your passion for this sport?

I like to stay active with anything I do. One way for me to stay active in the winter is to snowboard. It’s such a fun and free sport.

Do you have a ritual when you go snowboarding? What’s it like to take a first run of the season?

Yes, I like to grab my friends for the first trip of the season. It’s more fun when my bros are there to push me harder. The first run of the season is always the best. It’s peaceful to be on the mountain and interact with all the different elements.

Where is the coolest place you’ve been snowboarding?

Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Are there any places you would love to snowboard?

I would love to shred the slopes in Whistler, Canada and anywhere in Chile.

Do you have any tips for beginning snowboarders?

My tip would be to just have fun with it.

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Meet the Cast: Nathan

Meet the Cast: Nathan

Meet Nathan, a musician from Muncie, IN and winner of American Eagle Outfitters’ Project Live Your Life. Read on to learn more about Nathan and be sure to follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

You’re from Muncie, Indiana. How would you describe your town?

It’s a college town – not a ton to do but has a lot of character and history.

What instruments do you play?

Guitar and the jaw harp.

What came first, singing or playing guitar?

Singing, most definitely.

Do you write your own lyrics? Where does your inspiration come from?

Yes – life experiences and filming.

Do you get stage fright?

Yes, but it’s just something you have to work through.

Who inspired you to start singing?

My mom –  she discovered I could sing at an early age. She just encouraged me to use that gift and make the post of it.

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