Make Denim History: Learn How To Rock Your Walk

Make Denim History: Learn How To Rock Your Walk

Grab your AEO Jeans. Shoot a video. Make denim history. Check out our instructional video then read on for a step by step guide on how to Rock Your Walk at! It only takes a few minutes and just for entering, you can save $10 off an AEO purchase of $40 or more!


How To Make Your Video:

Step 1: Put on your favorite pair of AEO Jeans.

Step 2: Grab your phone or iPad. Set up your device in landscape, NOT portrait.  Make sure your entire body, from head to toe can be seen.

Step 3: Walk into the frame from left to right. Be unique! We want your walk to be all your own.

Step 4: Strike a pose in the middle.

Step 5: Walk out of the frame. Make sure your video is less than 15 seconds long.

Step 6: Submit your walk at

Step 7: Share your link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine with #RockYourWalk and check out other entries while you’re at it.

Step 8: Enjoy your special AEO offer ($10 off a $40 purchase!) just for submitting your video.

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Introducing… #RockYourWalk

Introducing… #RockYourWalk

Check out menswear blogger Bryan Boy “Mincing Around” as part of an exclusive experience called Rock Your Walk. Get your AEO Jeans and camera ready and practice your best strut to be a part of the longest denim fashion runway from NYC to LA.

Learn how to make your video and submit it now to be part of denim history at

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