Real Talk: Why You Need a Layering Bra

Today, we’re chatting with Kerstyn, Merchandise Manager for Aerie bras, and Jenny, our fit & style expert, about the bras you NEED in your back-to-school wardrobe. Today’s topic? Layering bras!

At Aerie, “layering bras” is just another way of saying bralettes. Our layering bras are really a chance to have fun with your bra and make it an accessory to your outfit. These bras are meant to be seen, so show them off! Our Perky Bralette is a great option for smaller-chested girls looking for a little push, but also is a perfect wireless option for girls with larger cup sizes looking for more support.

More about Kerstyn, Aerie’s Merchandising Manager for bras,

“Hi, Aerie girls! I’m from Arcadia, CA. I’ve worked 10 years in the merchandising business because it allows me to wear multiple hats and no day is ever the same. It’s the perfect balance of creativity and analytics. My favorite bra is the Sunnie…she will change your life! I would describe myself as a perfectionist, sarcastic, fashionable and opinionated. Something not many people know about me is that I’m a HUGE NASCAR fan, thanks to my Dad (or not thanks to him!). I am #AerieREAL because I don’t apologize for having an opinion and being a leader.” 

Thanks, Kerstyn! Stay tuned for more from Jenny and Kerstyn on the bras you NEED to have for back-to-school.



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Real Talk: Back-to-School Bra Trends

This back-to-school season, there are so many bra trends to get excited about! From soft cotton fabrics, to pretty peek-a-boo bralettes, to pastel colors that act as neutrals under your favorite t-shirts – Aerie’s got it all!

Jackie, buyer for Aerie pushup bras, talks about some of her favorite trends and styles for the season. To see all our back-to-school bras, shop now at!


We love the colors and pretty lace detail in Blakely, Bridget, Sofie and Hide & Peek Plunge Bralette!

What’s your favorite back-to-school bra trend? Tell us below, or show us on Instagram or Twitter using #AerieREAL!



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Bra Wear & Care Quick Tips with Jenny Altman

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who have wondered – how do I wear and care for my Aerie bras to keep them feeling like new? At Aerie HQ, we had a sneaking suspicion we weren’t doing it quite right, but weren’t sure who to ask.

Luckily, our Aerie style and fit expert, Jenny Altman, is here to clear up the confusion! Watch her quick guide below to learn when to replace a bra, quick tips for washing, storing and wearing (hint…the dryer is bra suicide!), and other insider tricks from her arsenal.

For even more on wearing and caring for your favorite Aerie bras, check out our newest, 15-second Quick Tip from Jenny on Instagram! Okay, okay, Jenny, we more putting our bras in the dryer!

Have more questions for Jenny? You can always ask your questions @Aerie on Twitter with #AskJenny! We’ll be answering your questions with more quick tips to come on the blog and Instagram!




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Real Talk Interview with Kelsey A., of Altoona, PA

Today’s Real Talk interview is with Kelsey A., of Altoona, PA, an associate from the Aerie in Lehigh Valley Mall! Learn more about Kelsey, what #AerieREAL means to her, her must-have Aerie item, and what inspires her below!


Kelsey’s favorite “going-out” make up and hair look.

Hi, Kelsey! Thanks for chatting with us. What does #AerieREAL mean to you?

There is no normal, there is no standard. Aerie girls don’t have to try to form to a mold, or try to be something they’re not. You can just be comfortable being you, in your own skin.

What makes you #AerieREAL?

I’m not afraid to speak out for what I believe in, or to try things that others might shy away from. And I’m really outgoing and kind of outrageous and weird in my own way!


Kelsey and her husband Seth loving the fall weather!

With festivals quickly flooding our schedules, we want to know – what is currently playing in your music library?

Florence & the Machine, Franz Ferdinand, and David Bowie.

What’s your favorite movie? 

Labyrinth, with David Bowie. I am huge David Bowie Fan…that’s my little quirk!


Kelsey’s cat Nimbus!

What is one thing the world needs more of?

The world needs more generosity and kindness…that would definitely make the world a happier and better place!


Kelsey getting her cake & eating it too on her wedding day!

What’s your favorite summer item from

This summer, I can’t live without the Racerback Tank! It’s super cute with a bandeau underneath and comes in a bunch of fun colors!


Kelsey and her husband visit the Rose Gardens in Allentown from the past Summer.

What’s your favorite bra? 

Jacklyn! It has the most comfortable mold to it, the wire is built in, and the wing is beautiful with lace detail. It’s the most beautiful bra and gives a little push without being too overdramatic!

What’s your must have item in your purse?

Lip gloss – I love Burt’s Bees Pomegranate balm! There are always chapsticks and lipgloss all around my store…and it is all mine!

 Thank you so much for chatting with us Kelsey!

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Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

To celebrate our recent launch of Aerie REAL we wanted to take the opportunity to feature a few fantastic women who embody #AerieREAL. Today’s Real Talk interview is with Lauren B., born and raised in Wichita, KS and loving her first 5 months working at her local Aerie store.  Learn more about Lauren, what #AerieREAL means to her, her must-have Aerie item, and what inspires her below!

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Lauren and her fellow Aerie Associates at store #2734, Amy, Katie, and Morgan in front of our spring collection. #AerieREAL

What does #AerieREAL mean to you?

To me, #AerieREAL means loving yourself just as you are- the REAL you! Since this campaign has launched, I have heard and read many comments from women that say something along the lines of “I love myself despite my imperfections” which is my goal for #AerieREAL. I want all women to look at themselves without the standards of a society bringing them down for things that make them one of a kind. It would be nice to see women love themselves by recognizing their own inner and outer beauty and rocking it daily.

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Lauren showing us her #AerieREAL!

We love that! Because imperfections, aren’t even imperfections! They make you, you! What makes you Aerie REAL?

I am Aerie REAL because of the effort I have made to improve my self-image. I used to think quite poorly of myself but now I take time to notice all my lovely characteristics. Working in a store that specializes in bras and underwear can be a delicate job because I come across many customers that struggle with their self-esteem. I try as hard as I can to help these women notice their own immense beauty.

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Lauren and her lovely boyfriend, Calton!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

In 3 years I would love to be finishing up my graduate studies in violin, playing in professional orchestras, and celebrating three and a half years at Aerie.

That’s awesome! What’s your top favorite Aerie items right now? 

The Holly Longline Bikini Top, Aerie Silky Chiffon Boxers, and the Aerie Striped Mesh Cheeky undies- I yearn for all these things in every color!

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Lauren’s favorite hobby, soon turned career? Violin! #AerieREAL

What is one thing the world needs more of?

Fine Arts Appreciation! I know so many talented artists that haven’t pursued their passion out of fear that their work would be underappreciated or they wouldn’t be able to make a living. The funding for fine arts is cut from so many schools, even though it has been proven to improve test scores in other classes. Art is such a powerful force that can do so much good in the world.

If you could take a vacation to anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you bring?

I would love to witness the beauty and majesty of Vienna. There would be so much for me to learn and enjoy from visiting this place. I would take my dear boyfriend Colton- the poor guy has never even been on a plane.

Real Talk Interview with Lauren B. of Wichita, KS!

Lauren at the beach with her friends Luis, Ricardo, Jorge, and Eugenio!

 Thank you so much for chatting with us Lauren!

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