90 Seconds with Jenny Altman

Our style and fit expert, Jenny Altman, is always there to answer our Aerie girls’ questions about all things intimates (just #AskJenny!)…but we wanted to ask her a few questions of our own!

We grabbed Jenny between takes in our studio to get to know her a little better. Watch our rapid fire interview as she dishes on some of her favorite things!



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Aerie’s Prom Essentials

Prom season brings with it lots of choices…date? Check. Corsage? Check. Limo? Check. Group of girlfriends to take a million pictures with? Check. And, most importantly…dress? Check!

Unfortunately, sometimes the prettiest formal wear comes with a big challenge…what to wear underneath? Luckily, Aerie is here to solve any strapless, backless, low cut, one-shoulder predicaments that prom season may bring your way. Now all that’s left on your list will be to dance the night away!

From bras and bra accessories, to undies, beauty and more, Aerie's got you covered for prom!

From bras and bra accessories, to undies, beauty and more, Aerie’s got you covered for prom!

Our bare bras are an absolute essential for all of your backless formal wear needs. Our original style, the Bare Bra , keeps you covered while adding just a bit of cleavage. For backless coverage with little lift, try our Lace Bare Bra, the newest style in our bare collection. The Lace Bare Bra provides coverage and a perky lift, and her allover lace detail adds a touch of pretty to your look.

Learn more with our Style and Fit expert, Jenny Altman and her tips and tricks to wearing and caring for our Bare Bras.

If you already have the bra you need, but are looking for a few quick fixes, we’ve got your number! To give the girls a little help filling out a lower-cut dress, try our Pushup Lifts. These one-size-fits-all inserts can be placed inside the cup of any bra to provide the perfect lift.

Wearing a racerback dress, but want to rock your favorite bra? Our strap converters are the solution you’re looking for. Plus, they’re perfect for tanks! Getting more mileage out of your favorite bra? We’re in.

Our last quick fix – Apparel TapeThis handy, on-the-go package holds 24 adhesive strips to keep your dress in place. Added bonus – if someone’s date pops a button, or a friend’s zipper malfunctions, you’ve got it covered.

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking bra that will stay put through late nights, our convertible and multi-way bras will do the trick! No matter the neckline or strap detail, Aerie has got you covered. Check out our Spring Dress Dilemma post to find the perfect one for you! One thing’s for sure – this is one occasion when having a split personality is definitely a good thing.

Our quick fix to keep from getting your undies in a bunch? Our Outta-Sight collection! The soft seamless spandex fabric and tagless design means a comfy fit that will lay flat – and stay put – all night! We especially heart the styles with pretty lace and pattern details.

Our Outta-Sight Undie in buff is the perfect no show option under white dresses. We love them under white skinnies, too!

Our Outta-Sight Undie in buff is the perfect no-show option under white dresses. We love them under our white skinnies, too!

It wouldn’t be a picture-perfect prom look without the finishing touches! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the fragrance you need for a special night out. The feminine, floral notes help complete a pretty look – like a bold pink lip and nails to match!

All pink everything! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the perfect match with a girly pink lip and nail beauty look

All pink everything! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the perfect match for a girly beauty look.

No matter the dress, Aerie’s here to solve all your prom predicaments – we’ll help you check “find a bra” off your list! Shop at aerie.com or in your local Aerie store to find your perfect fit. Still have questions? Ask us on Twitter or Facebook!



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Real Talk with Jenny Altman – The Spring Dress Dilemma

Real Talk with Jenny Altman – The Spring Dress Dilemma

With spring just around the corner, we have received a few questions about which of our bras work best for your spring dresses. Whether you are packing for a vacation or need a great go-to for a date night out, Jenny Altman, Aerie’s style and fit expert, has the best picks for any occasion.   

“The answer to making Spring Break packing a breeze is by packing items that multi-task. I love bras that do double (or triple) duty! These are serious investment pieces that don’t cost a lot, yet work for so many things! You don’t need to pack a bra for each and every look, so find ones that multi-task.

Strapless dresses need a great strapless bra. The Maddie Multi-way Pushup Bra is a strapless to have in your go-to bra wardrobe. This bra works as a strapless with push up and goes under everything. Smooth cups work under tees and sheer tops. The lace sides and back are also pretty if the bra does show. I also love the plunge front which makes this very versatile, even under low cut tops or dresses. Nude is a must have for everyone, and black is a great secondary color to pack in your bags.”

Real Talk with Jenny Altman - The Spring Dress Dilemma

Maddie Multi-way Pushup Bra

“For backless dresses, you need a backless, strapless bra and we have the perfect one! The Lace Bare Bra is pretty and super-functional when your basic strapless just won’t do. This bra is a beautiful lace, pushup bra that supports with wire and sticks like you won’t believe. As long as you aren’t wearing powder or lotion near the bra area, this adhesive is amazing and stays up all day. The wings on the side are clear, giving side support, but leaves your back totally bra-less, the solution piece for your backless dresses or serious low-back tops.”

Real Talk with Jenny Altman - The Spring Dress Dilemma

Lace Bare Bra

“Halter dresses and tops work well with strapless bras, but if you need (or prefer) lift and support, a bra with a halter strap is the best option. Our multi-way bras convert from strapless to halter easily and quickly. The Mia Multi-Way Pushup Bra has amazing pushup with removable air pads. The two sets of straps make this plunge front bra very versatile, and convert to a halter style to match up to your halter neckline.”

Real Talk with Jenny Altman - The Spring Dress Dilemma

Mia Multi-way Pushup Bra

“One shoulder dresses can also work well with a great strapless, but a bra that has the one shoulder option is a life-saver when you want bra security. A multi way that turns from strapless into one shoulder (whether you need the left shoulder strap or right) is a must-have. I love the Audrey Multi-way Lightly Lined Bra. It offers lightly lined coverage with great support and the bonus of a rubber-lined back for extra stay up.”

Real Talk with Jenny Altman - The Spring Dress Dilemma

Audrey Lightly Lined Multi-way Bra

Every bra offers it’s own unique fit and style and serve as the perfect go-to bra for you! Try your favorite at your local Aerie store or shop online at Aerie.com with our free shipping and free returns on all bras guarantee.  

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