What to Wear Under Your AEO: the Muscle T-Shirt

Muscle t-shirts were one of our favorite trends this summer. And this AEO Don’t Ask Why Muscle T-Shirt is one of our faves. Luckily, the season’s not quite over yet! Fit and style expert Jenny Altman’s last-minute tips for what to wear under this AEO look are here to help you make the most out of our favorite summer styles.

Check out Jenny’s tips below for her favorite Aerie pieces to wear under your muscle tee!

While a bralette could be a super cute option, we’re partial to Jenny’s pick…the Blakely Lightly Lined Bra with a pop of pink!


This muscle t-shirt and Blakely with a pop of pink are a match made in heaven!

Want to see more of Jenny’s tips for wearing Aerie with your favorite AEO looks? Check out her style advice on pulling off the Crop Tee trend!



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DIY: Cropped Muscle Tank

If you’re anything like us, you know how long we’ve waited to show some skin for summer temperatures. We’ve put together an insanely easy step-by-step guide to turn your old t-shirts into vintage inspired muscle t-shirts to ensure that you’re #AEOStyle is optimal for tanning. Channel your inner craftee and follow the steps below to make your #AEOStyle personalized!

Gather your supplies:


Step 2:
Match up the points of the collar so the front and back of the neckline are aligned. Using the seam as a guide, cut off the neckline just below the seam.

STEP_3Step 3:
Starting at the top of the shoulder, pick your desired shoulder width. Again, following just below the seam, cut a semi-circle to remove the sleeve.


Step 4:
Fold the shirt in half, lining up the edges of the shoulder, side and bottom. Use the already cut side of the shirt as a guide to cut the other sleeve.


Step 5:
Keeping the shirt in the same position, use the seam as a guide to remove the bottom of the t-shirt. Cut to your desired length, keeping in mind the original length of the t-shirt. (regular or crop).


Step 6:
Your vintage inspired muscle crop tank is complete!

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