Budweiser Made In America X AEO Blogger Guide: Something Navy

This week, we’ll be bringing you tips and tricks on what to pack from four of our favorite fashion bloggers, who not only have great style, they have great taste in music as well! Check out Arielle Nachmani’s post below and get ready to rock this weekend at Budweiser Made In America!


Arielle Nachmani- Something Navy

Blog:  Something Navy

Name:  Arielle Nachmani

City Attending:  Philadelphia

AEO:  What are your must-have festival essentials?

Arielle:  My festival essentials always include ankle booties (comfortable ones!), jean shorts and any sort of button down shirt for layering.

AEO:  What is your perfect #AEOStyle festival outfit?

Arielle: My perfect #AEOStyle festival outfit includes a fun floral mini dress paired with a denim button down shirt wrapped around my waist – plus a pair of fun sunnies!


Arielle’s #AEOMIA festival picks

Shop the look:
Don’t Ask Why Babydoll Dress
Super Stretch Jegging
Jegging Button Down Shirt
Double Zip Ankle Bootie
Diamond Pendant Necklace

AEO:  What are you packing for the Budweiser Made in America festival?

Arielle:  I’m packing a few of my favorite American Eagle denim styles! My suitcase includes one pair of AEO distressed vintage jeans, the AEO Jegging Button Down Shirt, a printed floral skirt and a mini dress. I’m also packing a pair of ankle boots, flats, and a bunch of long necklaces and statement earrings to accessorize with.

AEO:  Have you been to Philadelphia before? If so, what are your favorite haunts and if not, what are you excited to experience for the first time?

Arielle:  My fiancé, Brandon, went to UPENN, so I’ve been to Philadelphia a few times! He would know all the popular restaurant names better than I do, but I do know one of our favorites is POD Restaurant – it’s great! I’m really excited to eat there again. I hope while we’re there he can show me some fun places to shop – even though he hates shopping!

Inside Morimoto - Philadelphia

POD, one of Arielle’s favorite restaurants in Philadelphia.

AEO:  Who are you most excited to see perform? What is your favorite type of music and how does it inspire your fashion choices?

Arielle:  There are way too many performers that I’m excited to see! My music taste is a mix of everything; I have the strangest iTunes library ever. It includes a mix of rap, hip-hop, country, rock, Latin music, pop and more. I think it makes so much sense when it comes to influencing my style because I do like to change it up every day. One day I’m preppy, the next I’ll go grungy and the next I’m dressed classic and simple. My style is all based on my mood, and my music makes and changes my mood constantly. If I have to choose, I’m really excited to see Kings of Leon, Chromeo, Kanye West and Pharrell!

AEO:  What does into your bag at the festival?

Arielle:  My bag essentials for festivals always includes water, my iPhone, a pack of gum, a camera, my wallet, sunglasses, a mophie charger, lipgloss and suntan lotion. Sometimes I even sneak in a little bag of Sour Patch Kids as a snack.

AEO:  What festival style advice can you give to our readers?

Arielle:  My advice would be to go with someone you love. It’s so much more fun to see your favorite performers, dance like nobody is watching and have the time of your life when you’re with someone you genuinely love hanging out with.

Stay tuned on Instagram this weekend with more from Something Navy!

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Music Monday: Behind The Scenes With Magic Man

For this week’s Music Monday, we bring you the infectious pop stylings of Boston natives, Magic Man. Perhaps you’ve heard their most recent single titled Paris, a dreamy pop-dance opus that shows off the five piece outfit in a weird world where body parts go missing but everyone keeps dancing anyway. Or maybe you’ve had the privilege of catching them perform live at one of the various festivals they’ve been slotted to play. Either way, get hip to the magic right here, right now. Be warned though, you’ll be walking away with a song stuck in your head.

Music Monday: Magic Man

Check out behind the scenes photos of Magic Man.

Check out our Q & A with founding members, Alex & Sam

AEO:  Hey, guys! How are you?

Magic Man:  Great. We’re on our way back from Canada. We just played Toronto last night.

AEO:  Oh, very cool! Toronto is such a cool city.

MM:  Yeah, we were only there for 24 hours. But it was a lot of fun.

AEO:  So, your first release, “Real Life Color,” was sort of inspired by your experience moving around France and working on organic farms. Can you tell me a little bit about that whole experience?

MM:  It was the summer after our first year of college. We decided to take this trip after I had taken some French classes in Paris. And we were just trying to find a way to travel around the country and we found this program where you can trade labor on organic farms for room and board so that seemed like a great way to do that. We got to meet a lot of interesting people, had a lot of cool experiences. Then during our down time – it was the middle of August so it was super hot – most people would take a long siesta in the middle of the day, we just started writing some songs.

AEO:  That’s interesting that you started out just writing on your laptop because that’s what was available to you. I’m really curious what your music writing process was like and how it’s grown since then.

Music Monday: Magic Man

Image Source: Gavin Thomas

MM:  It’s almost exactly the same as it was in the beginning where one of us would come up with a little idea, whether it’s a cord progression or a melody. Then we’d just work on it for awhile then pass it on to the other one who would then take it a little bit further. We’d just go back and forth and it would basically be a 50/50 collaboration.

We started off just with Garage Band and a built-in microphone on the laptop so we were definitely limited. But even with those basic programs, if you spend enough time tweaking things you can come up with some cool sounding electronic music.

AEO:  How has adding more members changed the way you make music or changed your sound?

MM:  Once we started playing with a full band and really enjoying the energy that that brought to the live show, we kind of started writing with the band in mind; live drums, bass, guitar, keys and kind of started shifting our writing from being what we had available when we were traveling, which was just a computer, to kind of thinking a little bit larger scale in terms of sounds.

Be sure to check out their most recent release of synth laden power pop, “Out of Mind,” out now on Columbia Records. Stream the single below!

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#AEOStyle Awards

In honor of the infamous MTV Video Music Award’s tonight, we were inspired to create our own awards! We went through hundreds and hundreds of #AEOStyle photos and chose the following winners for each of our categories. So what are you waiting for … pop your popcorn, grab a spot on the couch, and pregame with the #AEOSTYLE awards before the big show!
























Tell us which artist you want to see win for the MTV Video of the Year award in the comments below!

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#AEOStyle Bloggers Love: Sky-High Jeggings

With an impressive 10.25″ rise, its safe to say that our new Sky-High Jegging doesn’t fall short of skinny, sexy and comfortable. Not only are we loving this fit at American Eagle Outfitters, we’ve noticed that some of our favorite fashion bloggers are incorporating this fit into their every day fashion as well. Check out who’s wearing our Sky-High Jegging below and start rocking this flattering style today…no matter if you wear them with heels or rock them with flats, you’ll be fit to flatter.

Shop the look:
Sky-High Jegging in Medium Rebel

Shop the look:
Sky-High Jegging in Faded Black

Shop the look:
Sky-High Jegging in Dark Indigo Glow

Tell us your favorite look in the comments below! And don’t forget to show us how you wear your Sky-High Jegging for a chance to be featured on ae.com!

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Budweiser Made In America: L.A. Festival Guide

We’re back with your go-to guide for Los Angeles and if you haven’t already heard the fantastic news, American Eagle Outfitters is the official fashion partner of the Budweiser Made In America Festival! We’re so pumped to bring you some of the best beats, #AEOStyle and travel tips for this festival that takes place in L.A. and Philly. Check out our L.A. hour by hour festival guide to ensure that your time spent at Made In America is something you’ll never forget.


Day One: Saturday, August 30th:
  Rise and Shine! The sun is out and it’s festival weekend, baby!

9:00AM:  Hop in the shower, dry yourself off and put on your #AEOStyle! Guys, it’s all about having a good time. Pair a Graphic T-Shirt back to a pair of light denim, sneakers and a knit beanie for SoCal #AEOStyle. Girls, our Hi-Rise Festival Shorties are a must-have for any festival fashion. Add a flower crown, floral booties and lace top for a perfect BOHO beauty look.


Shop the look:
40 Ounces Graphic T-Shirt
Slim Straight Jeans
Canvas Sneaker
Camo Reversible Beanie


Shop the look:
Hi-Rise Festival Shortie
Lace Swing Tank
Cascading Floral Headwrap
Dr. Martens Hackney Floral Boot
FJALLRAVEN Totepack #1

10:15am:  Take a look around, enjoy the palm trees and sunny skies. Think about what fillings you’re going to add into your Taqueria El Tapatio breakfast burrito

10:45am:  Snap an Instagram worthy picture of your Taqueria El Tapatio breakfast burrito, and inhale. Feeling health conscious? Grab a super green juice from the Punch Bowl.

2:00pm:  Enter the Made In America festival grounds. Be sure to grab an exclusive #AEOMIA T-Shirt!

2:01pm  Take a selfie and let your friends know you’ve made it! (Don’t forget to tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA)

2:45pm: Pinch yourself because yes, you’re really in L.A. for Made In America. There are so many artists to see! Pull out your festival grounds map and start creating your schedule. Be sure to include Metric, Capital Cities and Dr. Dog as must see bands.

3:10pm:  Head on over to your first show. Don’t forget to stay hydrated

4:00pm:  Try to face time your friend who couldn’t make it to the festival. Let them know how much fun you’re having and that you wish they were here with you…just try not to rub it in too much.

4:50pm:  Grub break! Sniff out some delicious pizza and finish it off with some ice cold Pinkberry!

5:00-9:00pm:  Continue to view bands like ZZ Ward, Afrojack and Sublime with Rome. Yes you’re feet are hurting but  you’re having too much fun to care.

10:00pm:  I-G-G-Y with my name in bold. Need we say more?

12:30am: Head to bed you party animal! You’ve got another big day ahead of you!

Day Two: Sunday, August 31

8:00am:  Rise and shine sleepyhead. You’ve got some bands to see!

9:00am:  Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Dry off from your much needed shower and put on your second round of festival clothes.

10:30am:  Silence your hunger panes with Green Eggs and Ham from Huckleberry. Before you grub, snap a photo for Instagram. #FoodsofInstagram anyone?

2:00pm:  Ahh, MIA Festival Grounds and you meet again. You’ve got the whole security line system down by now.

3:00pm:  Lace up your dancing shoes and head on over to Weezer! Make Weezer jokes by introducing yourself as “My Name Is Jonas“. People will appreciate your knowledge of Weezer songs and Weezer sense of humor. Or, they just won’t get it…

3:01pm:  Take another selfie…this time with the stage and palm trees in the background.  Again, tag us with #AEOStyle and #AEOMIA.

4:00PM:  Make plans to see John Mayer and rock out to Classixx and Steve Aoki.

5:00PM:  Grub break! Gorge on festival food. Hopefully In-N-Out Burger will be serving their famous burgers with a side of fries…animal style.

5:45-9:00PM:  Bounce from concert to concert listening to awesome bands like Chance The Rapper, Vacationer and Yellow Claw.

10:00PM:  Get ready for a super fun concert by headliner, Kanye West.

12:30am:  Relive the weekend in your mind, and put your best festival shots on Instagram. Go to bed with plans to attend next year’s event.

Want more MIAFEST action? Check out our curated playlist in stores, online and on Spotify and listen here for live streaming of the festival.

Going to Philly? Don’t worry, we’ve created an hour by hour festival guide just for you.

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#AEOStyle Roundup: College Fashionista Edition III

Throughout the month of August, we’re teaming up with College Fashionista style gurus all over the country to bring you the best #AEOStyle for the Back To School season. Check out this week’s #AEOStyle Roundup: College Fashion Edition for tips and tricks on how to rock your best weekend look yet.

College Fashionista Weekend Looks

Reed Emerson, Northern Arizona University: “I wore this outfit for a weekend of lounging. I paired a burgundy bandeau with leopard print flats and an oversized sweater with my American Eagle Outfitters overalls. The look was comfortable, easy and I loved how the overalls made an effortless statement for the whole ensemble!”

Shop the look:

College Fashionista Weekend Looks

Cassandra Neely, Kent State: “For hanging out on the weekends, I like to combine grungy and girly by pairing my distressed American Eagle Outfitters Jeggings with a bright, floral scarf and gray sweatshirt. Adding in a pair of ankle boots to the mix makes for a comfortably cute weekend look.”

Shop the look:
BC Stand Up Straight Boot

College Fashionista Weekend Looks

Allison Ramirez, Texas A&M University: “Weekends are all about rest and relaxation. While I’m unwinding around town or hitting up some local shops, I love wearing effortlessly cool pieces, such as these distressed jeggings.”

Shop the look: 
Real Soft Favorite V-Neck T-Shirt

College Fashionista Weekend Looks

Courtney Pelot, University of Wisconsin: “On the weekends, you can typically find me lounging around one of my favorite coffee shops, trying to get a head start on the next week’s homework. The comfortable Sky High Jeggings and buttery soft tank top are perfect for this occasion! I added a camo shirt to stay warm in air conditioned coffee shops and cute rag & bone booties to add a bit of polish to my weekend look.”

Shop the look:
Sky-High Jegging

College Fashionista Weekend Looks

Ali Stagnitta, George Washington University: “Black skinnies are a super staple for fall denim and awesome for some weekend relaxation! Pair them with an oversized sweater or blouse to contrast their skinny nature. To elongate your legs and bring in some color, pointed-toe flats or heels are the perfect addition! Don’t be afraid to accessorize with a cool hat or funky sunnies!”

Shop the look:
Skinny Jean

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