How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

Hi, Pretty! Join us for a quick Holiday DIY! Want something extra pretty and cute for that one friend who is there for you the most? Follow our easy steps below to learn how to use scarf to gift wrap a present!

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

What You’ll Need:

 –Aerie Gift Set

 –Aerie Infinity Scarf



 -Gift tag (optional)

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

Step 1:  Lay scarf out flat and place gift box in center.

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

Step 2:  Fold scarf over once and then again to cover half of the box.  Do the same on the other side so the scarf comes together to cover the box.

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

 Step 3: Cut ribbon and tie it tight around each end of the box, so the excess fabric gathers and stays secure.

How To Wrap A Gift For: Your BFF

Step 4: Secure gift tag to ribbon.

How To: Make the Gift Tag – We cut out a star from heavy white paper, and covered one side in glitter using clear liquid glue.

We want to see your pretty! Show off your beautifully wrapped gift on Instagram or Twitter with #MerryAerie!

Happy Holidays!



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Introducing the Best Basics Collection

Introducing the Best Basics Collection

Introducing the Best Basics collection! From Caramel to Fair, we recognize that nude and your most basic bra may not be just one color. It’s a variation of tones, hues, and warmth. Having your basics for back to school and for your favorite tee are a must. We sat down with Kodi T., one of Aerie’s online Assistant Buyers, to find out what makes the Best Basics collection the perfect match for you.

What features makes a bra perfect for wearing under a t-shirt?

Katie is a great t-shirt bra for a number of reasons! First- her full coverage gives great support and shape for aerie girls of any size. Second, her smooth and soft microfiber isn’t just comfortable – it’s perfectly discrete under even your thinnest Tees.

Katie Vintage Lace - Nude

Vintage Lace

What are some tips for buying bras that go under a white top?

Either go incognito in one of aerie’s 7 shades of nude or go bold in a statement color bralette! Avoid white under white t-shirt– you’ll get more show through than you’d expect!

In the Aerie sea of bright colors and lacy details, what makes the Best Basics collection special?

The Best Basics collection is special because it offers nude matches for a range of skin tones – at only $29.95 ($20 this week!) Not to mention, everyone needs a couple of great nude bras in their drawer! They are a functional solution piece, like a pair of black pumps!

Katie Lightly Lined - Caramel

Vintage Lace Boybrief

With trends that involve showing off pretty straps in different colors, why did we want to expand the neutral line of bras?

While we are all for showing off your bra here at aerie – every girl needs a couple basic nude bras! This new line of neutrals will make sure that even more aerie girls can find a great match!

How did you choose the colors for the line?

We took a critical look at our basics offerings and realized we had a lot more to offer! Our design team in New York did a great job of expanding our existing shades of nude with every aerie girl in mind!

Katie Lightly Lined - Dark Maple

Vintage Lace Undie - Dark Maple

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look Kodi!  Love it? Click here to shop the Best Basics Collection.

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