Iskra’s 5 Fave Holiday Gifts

Want to know what Iskra is gifting this holiday season? Watch and shop below!

Iskra's 5 Fave Holiday Gifts

1. Socks

It’s true, these are the world’s softest socks. When it comes to gifting, it’s the little things!

2. Scrunchies

Your fave throwback accessory is more fun than ever. Now in faux fur and plaid!

Iskra's 5 Fave Holiday Gifts3. Magic Spark x Iskra

Iskra’s latest scent is super giftable and cozy, with notes of coconut, warm amber and cashmere musk. It comes with fairy lights for an extra holiday treat.

Iskra's 5 Fave Holiday Gifts4. Sweatshirts

Are you naughty-ish or nice-ish? Either way, matching sweatshirts are must-give for your bestie or your mom. Take your family pics up a notch in these fun sweatshirts!

5. PJ sets

Plaid for the holidays! Mix it up, match it back or pair it with a cozy sweatshirt. Buy one for someone you love and a few for yourself (we won’t tell!).


What is your go-to gift this holiday season? Comment below and tell us!

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Holiday ’13 Photoshoot – Part 1

A Behind-the-Scenes Look: Holiday ’13 Photoshoot – Part 1

Fallen leaves, frosty windows, hot chocolate…baby, it’s cold outside! Here at Aerie, the Holidays are beloved and it’s hard not to feel festive!  Our bras and sleepwear add a little sparkle and shine to your wardrobe and even our hash tag joins the reindeer games with #MerryAerie!

Catch the Holiday spirit with us as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at our Holiday 2013 photoshoot.  Enjoy the scenery, meet our models and get to know our crew–who all help make the magic come to life!


Brr! It’s getting “cooler” on the Aerie Holiday ’13 set!


An Aerie stocking on the mantle, for everyone on set! (Just in case.)


Remember those stars you spotted hanging in the store? #StarDust


Aerie model, Avril G., looking too adorable with Aerie make-up artist, Jenna M.


Spotted: Aerie model, Marissa T., practicing a triangle yoga stretch in the AM before she works the camera.


Aerie model, Nina A. and make-up artist, Jenna M. relax and chat on set.


Aerie models Nina and Avril take a selfie!


Aerie model, Hannah B. has some fun with glitter!

Loved going behind-the-scenes? Keep your eye out for our upcoming blog post  for more Holiday looks to love, models, and the whole team!

Till then, stay warm! #MerryAerie

xo, Aerie

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Meet Our Girls: Holly Limited-Edition

Meet Our Girls: Holly Limited-Edition

Meet Our Girl…Holly, the romantic! When you first meet Holly, you will fall in love with her precious paisley print and lovely lace. One of our newest members to the Aerie family, Holly gives you the perfect fit for any special occasion.

Meet Our Girls: Aerie Holly Limited-Edition Bra

Let’s talk style. Holly has a balconette frame, and has a super romantic fit that is perfect for your low scoop neck tees. She’s different than our pushup bras because her cut is straight across and gives you a bit more  of a  fuller look at the top, instead of pushing them in and creating cleavage. When asked what her  favorite part about Holly was,  Lori F. Aerie’s Vice President shared, “it has the perfect amount of lift!” What’s doing the work behind-the-scenes? Just a little bit of soft foam padding that gives you that natural lift. Plus, she has soft adjustable straps to make a long day a lot easier.

Meet Our Girls: Aerie Holly Limited-Edition Bra

Holly Limited-Edition Bra – Allover Lace

While fit is incredibly important, especially with a new bra, we know color is really what makes it or break it! We offer three unique colors and patterns for the Holiday season:

–       Paisley Print, in True Black and Buff

–       Embroidered Dot, in Natural Nude and Stone

–       Allover Lace, in True Black, Star, and Soft Muslin

“The Paisley Print is my favorite and I love it’s menswear inspired feel,” shares Aerie’s Senior Director of Marketing, Dana S. If you take a closer look at the design, you can spy a bow cinch at the bridge of the front of the bra that almost looks like the knot in a tie.

Meet Our Girls: Aerie Holly Limited-Edition Bra

Holly Limited-Edition Bra – Paisley Print

Maybe it’s her seasonal name, or maybe it’s her luxurious lace, but we are head over heels for Holly. Try her now in stores and online. Need help determining your bra size? Ask a bra expert once you enter your local Aerie for a free bra fitting.

Meet Our Girls: Aerie Holly Limited-Edition Bra

Holly Limited-Edition Bra Embroidered Dot

Love Holly? Share with us your new favorite with #AeriePretty on Instagram or Twitter and tag @Aerie, or comment below!

xo, Aerie

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