AEO Alternative Spring Break 2014: Heart This City

AEO Alternative Spring Break 2014: Heart This City

This past spring break, American Eagle Outfitters took our 16 Project Live Your Life winners to Miami for an adventure of a lifetime. But this trip wasn’t your typical vacation filled with beaches and bars- instead, we teamed up with street artist Lakwena, to transform a vacant lot at Wynwood Walls into a work of art. The challenge? The cast had three days to, clear all of the garbage from the lot, assist Lakwena with the design and, lastly, complete the masterpiece.



Lakwena at Wynwood Walls.

No one in the cast, including Lakwena, had ever created such a large scale work of art in such a short period of time. Lakwena went as far as to use a projector to show the design on the wall so everyone could help paint the mural, which was something she had never done before.



Our Social Media Coordinator, Addie P., snapped this shot of the lot before it was cleared out.

The theme of the mural matched back to our theme for Spring Break, #HEARTTHISCITY. This mural would accompany Lakwena’s other street art installation at Wynwood, “I remember paradise“, which explored the theme of the artist as a mythologist. For I remember paradise, Lakwena was inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien.


Lakwena’s other mural at Wynwood Walls, I remember paradise.

Lakwena’s other mural at Wynwood Walls, I remember paradise.

Even though the task seemed impossible, the cast put their entire heart into helping beautify Miami. Everyone worked day and night to put their mark on the Wynwood Walls, all while creating friendships and bonds that would last a lifetime. Watch Project Live Your Life: Miami to meet the new Spring Break 2014 cast and see if we were able to achieve our goal.

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