Real Talk With Iskra: Spark x Iskra Fragrance

Introducing… Spark x Iskra! An extra-special new collaboration with #AerieREAL Role Model, Iskra. Her first fragrance comes in a eau de parfum, and a special self-care kit that also includes a bath bomb and candle. We can’t get enough of this scent for spring! Read on to see what inspired Iskra to create this new scent.Real Talk With Iskra: Spark x Iskra Fragrance

How did this amazing new fragrance come to be?

I’ve been working with Aerie for 4 years. Over the years my role as #AerieREAL Role Model has grown and I’ve had the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects with them, this fragrance is one of those! I have such a strong connection with Aerie and their consumers, I really felt like I could create a fragrance that the Aerie fan base could connect with and love. It’s amazing to be part of Aerie campaigns and be behind the camera. To create something with them from scratch was such a fun and exciting experience!

Spark x Iskra’s notes are fresh watermelon, delicate jasmine and cozy vanilla. What was the inspiration behind choosing these notes?

When I was deciding which scents I wanted, the most important thing to me was to make sure the end result was something that made women and girls feel confident, happy, empowered to be themselves, express their uniqueness, and to have a ton of fun doing it! Somehow, the notes of fresh watermelon, delicate jasmine and cozy vanilla did just that. I am so excited for people to try it.

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Tell us about the bottle & design of the fragrance. What’s special about it?

Like everything I do with Aerie I want the product to be totally unique but also really accessible for my followers. I think the bottle and its design captures the feeling I want people to have when they wear my fragrance. What’s unique is the stickers that come with the bottle. The stickers can be used to customise the bottle so it reflects your personality, so you can have a one-of-a-kind bottle just like you are one of a kind!

The Spark x Iskra collection features a fragrance, scented bath bomb and candle. Can we look forward to seeing more of your signature products in the future?

Creating these products was so much fun. I absolutely loved the process. It is such a cool experience creating something tangible from scratch that people will be able to actually use and I definitely would be interested in expanding on that. That said, right now I am really focusing on the launch of the Spark x Iskra collection and excited to finally share my fragrance with my followers and the Aerie fans!

Where will you wear the Spark x Iskra fragrance? Comment below & tell us!

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Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter Beauty Essentials

Shop now: Letter Pouch | NPW Tissue | Compact Mirror | Kikkerland Peppermint Lip Gloss

What’s in our beauty bag this winter? Must have lip tints, rollerball fragrances, Nudestix and more. No retouching here. Just touchups! Shop head-to-toe products by brands we’re crushing on below.

Winter Beauty Essentials

Shop now: Royal Apothic Tinties | Cozy Up Rollerball Fragrance 

Here’s a teaser: what hairspray are we crushing on right now? Not Your Mother’s Volumizing Hairspray. The Apple Blossom and Bamboo spray will keep your ‘do still and smelling uh-mazing all day. Pair it with our favorite tinted lip butter by Royal Apothic in Berry, Kissed, Coral Crush, Nude, or Pink.
Winter Beauty Essentials

Make it a double! Need a great gift idea for your BFF? You’ll love our Nail Polish duo now in stores at our Grab & Go table. Winter Beauty Essentials

The eyes have it. This winter try our new Nudestix Mascara. Enriched with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, this Mascara is a lash strengthening and lengthening treatment. Learn more about the girls behind the brand who mean business! We love the warm, shimmery colors of our latest eye-shadow palette. Stop by at your local Aerie store and check it out!


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10 questions with Jon Contino: The graphic designer behind our new Live Your Life Fragrances


Describe yourself to us in five words?
Passionate. Loyal. Determined. Respectful. Intense.

Where are you from and what led you to where you are today?
I grew up in Long Island just a few miles from New York City in a creative, supportive family. I spent my teens and early twenties playing drums in various hardcore and metal bands, and that’s actually where I got my start doing professional design work. I was constantly working on band merchandise, flyers, record layouts and stuff like that. It wasn’t long before I started working with local businesses as well. In 2005 I opened a design studio called Onetwentysix and eventually that led to starting my first menswear brand, CXXVI, with my longtime friend Matt Gorton. Once CXXVI was rolling, I went back to freelancing and eventually transformed that business into what Jon Contino Studio is today.

You designed our packaging for our new Men’s and Women’s Live Your Life fragrances. What inspired your designs?
The inspiration came from the American culture that most people don’t think about. Stuff that we might take for granted. I felt that American Eagle Outfitters needed some nods to its heritage, but in a unique way. I wanted to focus on the time we spend as kids getting into trouble: running around the neighborhood with friends, getting lost in the woods, making fires on the beach. Whatever we used to occupy our time with in between the world of carelessness and responsibility. I wanted to capture the raw energy of growing up in a culture that’s relatively new in the history of the world. It’s unique to America, and it represents a lot of what American Eagle Outfitters is about.


Can you share some sketches with us?


Where is your studio and what are three things we will always find in your workspace?
My studio was in Brooklyn for years until very recently. My wife and I moved about an hour north of Manhattan to the Hudson Valley, where I now run my studio full time. It’s great because in between projects, phone calls, emails and all that stuff, I can take some time and go outside with my daughter and play with her without having to worry about busy streets or whatever else comes with living in a busy city. Actually, my daughter is a good example of something you’ll always find in my studio. Anyone that’s ever gotten on a phone call with me can tell you they hear her in the background most of the time. In terms of working material, you’ll always find pencils, pens and paper. I always design everything by hand, on paper. It’s how I feel most comfortable working. If you want to get into atmospheric stuff, there’s always some kind of Apple technology around me, antique signs and books and lots of family heirlooms.

What is your favorite project you have worked on to date?
That’s such a tough question. Working with different industries means that I have a favorite in each field and can’t truly compare one as better than the other. If I had to call out a project that turned my life upside down though, I think I could pick one. Growing up in the world of New York Hardcore, my favorite band was always a band from Brooklyn called Indecision. To this day, those albums are still my favorite of all time. A couple years ago they were doing a reunion show and asked me to design a shirt for them. It was amazing to have my favorite band reach out to me and tell me they were fans of my work. Still sits with me as one of the coolest moments of my career.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would you cook for them?
Well, I’m not much of a cook… anyone in my family could tell you that. If I had to pick someone though, I think it might be Benjamin Franklin for a lot of reasons. Instead of cooking, though, I’d take him to one of my favorite bagel shops in the Bronx and tell him to get a toasted egg bagel with vegetable cream cheese with a slice of tomato and an Arizona iced tea. It’s a tradition my wife and I have been doing for years and it’s probably the meal I look most forward to eating.

Number one on your bucket list?
The fact that I can design for a living, and do cool stuff on top of that, is pretty much my one and only selfish goal for my life. I’m a family guy at heart, so everything else would be things like having more kids, seeing them grow up… stuff like that.

It’s Friday night in NYC, where can we find you?
Having a 19-month-old daughter usually means I’m in bed by 10pm on Friday nights, but if I actually had the chance to be out and not be exhausted, then I’d probably want to spend it sitting on a stoop somewhere with friends laughing and joking about random nonsense. Life gets so busy, it’s nice just to goof around once in a while.

Go to and style a head to toe outfit for yourself.


Shop #AEOStyle Jon’s style: Quilted Bomber Jacket, Plaid Button Down Shirt, Slim Straight Khaki, Speckled Sock, Clarks Originals Desert Boot

Check out the super cool designs of the men’s and women’s fragrance bottles for these amazing new scents on and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Guys, we know shopping for your gal is never easy so we’re here to help! From gorgeous bras and undies to cozy plaid pajama pants and robes, Aerie is the ultimate  Holiday stop for all of your gifting needs.

Easily shop online or find her favorite items at your local Aerie store.

On a budget? We’ve divided our favorite gifting items by price. You can shop Stocking Stuffers, Gifts Under $20, Gifts Under $30 or Go For WHOA! .

Look 1: Holiday Cozy 

For the girl that likes to layer and keep warm over the Holidays, you should start with the sole.  A pair of  furry slippers will keep her toes toasty. Our flannel pajama pants are a great go-to for a sister, friend, or girlfriend. She will love the plaid mixed with a bit of shimmer on the pockets. The best part about Aerie is that a lot of our items mix and match so she can have fun pairing her new favorites and it will take the stress off off you when it comes to picking colors.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 1: Holiday Cozy

Look 2: Sporty Chic

Do you know a girl who’s always on-the-go? Then she definitely needs some time to relax. Give her a gift that sparkles and shines just like she does. We recommend our featherlight and pillow soft Lindsey Lightly Lined bra. She is one of our girls’ all time favorites and one of the most comfortable bras! Pair with our graphic boxers and sexy, cute boyshorts.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 2: Sporty Chic

Look 3: Dots of Love 

Send your cutie sweet dreams with our polka dot sleep shirt. She’ll find the fit and simplicity irresistible. Another great gift idea is one (or all) of our fragrances. She’ll love the sweet scents of WHOA!!, Daydream, Aerie, and Hidden Love. They come in full size bottles, rollerballs, and in mixed sets for shopping ease.

Guys Guide to Shopping Aerie

Look 3: Dots of Love

Is your list for your sweetheart growing longer? Good! Still stuck? Shop our pretty little Gift Sets. Our Gift Sets are perfectly packaged and ready-to-give, making it even easier for you to find the perfect gift!

Need help shopping or trying to find the perfect gift? Find an associate at your local Aerie or tweet us @Aerie. We’ll help you find that perfect gift for your special someone.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!




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Daily WHOA! – Day 7: Fragrance Rollerball

Daily WHOA! – Day 7: Fragrance Rollerball

On the 7th day of Daily WHOA: beauty on-the-go!

Your favorite Aerie scents should be as mobile as you are. These rollerballs are the perfect addition to your purse or gym bag. Right now, shop Aerie, Daydream, Hidden Love, and WHOA!! rollerballs for only $10.

Daily WHOA! – Day 7: Fragrance Rollerball

Starlight, starbright, which Aerie rollerball will you wear tonight?

Daily WHOA! – Day 7: Fragrance Rollerball

Hidden Love, Daydream, Aerie, or WHOA!! – which rollerball is your favorite? Tell us below!

Stay tuned for a new WHOA! gift every day!

xo, Aerie


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An #AerieWHOA Moment with Jessica P., Associate Buyer of Fragrance & Beauty

An #AerieWHOA Moment with Jessica P., Associate Buyer of Fragrance & Beauty

We had the opportunity to sit down with the woman behind our newest fragrance, WHOA!!. Feminine and luscious, the WHOA!! fragrance is the perfect addition to your already chic cosmetics morning ritual.

Read on to learn more about Jessica P., Aerie’s Associate Buyer of Fragrance and Beauty, and join us as she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the new arrival and exclusive beauty advice.

Aerie Associate Buyer, Jessica P.

Aerie Associate Buyer for Beauty and Fragrance, Jessica P.

We are so excited about the new WHOA!! fragrance! What was your (and the team’s) inspiration for this new addition to our fragrance line?

We wanted to add a scent that was bright, juicy, mouth-watering and luscious to the collection.

The scent smells so beautiful and there is definitely a hint of florals. What other base notes were used?

Thank you! Some of the other notes include clementine and lulo fruit, as well as rosewood and sandalwood.

If you could describe WHOA! ! in one adjective, what would it be?


The design of the bottle is so feminine. How was the design decided upon?

When designing the bottle, the team was looking for the bottle to fit perfectly within the Aerie brand focusing on the look and feel to be feminine and elevated, like a precious jewel.

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

Where do you recommend applying fragrance?

On your pulse points, such as your inner wrists (without rubbing wrists together, this can breakdown the fragrance), neck, and inner elbows.

Are you an everyday fragrance girl or do you wear it for special occasions only?

I’m an everyday fragrance girl.

How many perfumes do you own?

Around 10!

What other Aerie fragrances should we be keeping our eye on?

I would keep an eye out for Aerie, Daydream, and Hidden Love. Together, they complete Aerie’s fragrance collection. We have re-packaged these best-selling, most popular fragrances.

What’s the best way to test a fragrance?

The best way to test fragrance is on your skin. (Versus just spraying it into the air.) Apply a little fragrance to the inner wrist, wait a few minutes, and then smell.

Do you prefer a bottle, a rollerball, or both? 

Both! I like that the spray bottles disperse the fragrance when applying. The rollerball applicator is great to use to keep your scent fresh and to use when traveling.

What’s your WHOA!! moment?

It is hard to pick just one; my favorite WHOA!! moment is spending time with family & friends.

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

Try the new Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance today!

Thank you for the behind-the-scenes look Jessica!

Are you crushing on our new fragrance? Submit your #AerieWHOA moment on Instagram for a chance to win our new WHOA!! fragrance and a gift card! Plus, right now you can receive a special goodie bag (with a mini WHOA!! rollerball) for $5 with any $40 purchase.

Aerie Special Goodie Bag Featuring WHOA!! Fragrance

Don’t forget to add Aerie’s special goodie bag to your cart!


  For more behind-the-scenes look into the happening’s at Aerie follow @Aerie on Twitter and Instagram!

xo, Aerie


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