What Is Denim: Your Ultimate Denim Glossary


Denim Glossary Fit Specs

Denim Glossary Fit Specs


The measurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam. In other words, it’s where on your hips the jeans sit. Every body (and every one of our jean fits!) is unique, but, generally a “high” rise will sit near your belly button and a “low” rise will be closer to your hips. Source

Denim Glossary Fit Rises


The measurement from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom of the hem.

Denim Glossary Inseam


The vertical threads in a fabric. Source


The horizontal threads in a fabric. Source

Denim Glossary Warp and Weft


The result of washing and rinsing denim to remove excess dye. Source

Denim Glossary Denim Washes


Purposely marred for a well-worn, vintage appearance. Source

Denim Glossary Destroyed Distressed Deconstructed


The bottom of the jean, which has been folded back and sewn down to form an edge


A raw hem that’s shorter in the front than it is in the back. Source


A deconstructed hem that has been unstitched and unfolded for a frayed look and added length. Source 1  Source 2

Denim Glossary Hem


Denim Glossary Fabrication

100% COTTON (see also: HERITAGE)

100% cotton denim. This rigid, durable fabric softens over time.


Our original soft, stretchy denim.


Denim with an upgraded stretch that retains it’s shape and won’t bag out. Natural fibers give this denim a super-soft feel for increased comfort.


Revolutionary 4-way stretch means fit from every direction. Top-to-bottom warp stretch lifts your booty and gives you the feeling of longer legs, while side-to-side weft stretch contours the leg.
These forces work together to increase retention, which means these jeans won’t bag or sag, so your butt looks great, wear after wear.


Core Flex is designed with just enough stretch to give a little when you stand up, sit down, pull ‘em on or off. It has the same look and feel as 100% cotton denim, with increased flexibility for added comfort.


Our most flexible jean might also be our most comfortable. Designed with the max amount of stretch for ultimate comfort. Extreme Flex denim truly moves with you, and bounces back to hold its shape after.

FLEX 4/360

Revolutionary 4-way stretch means this denim moves with you in every direction. Top-to-bottom warp stretch moves up and down with you, while side-to-side weft stretch gives you room to sit or step.
The bottom line? Jeans have never been more comfortable.

HERITAGE (see also: 100% COTTON)

100% cotton denim. This rigid, durable fabric softens over time.


Premium denim bound with a “self edge” so it doesn’t unravel. You’ll know it by the trademark white and blue taping under the cuff, on the edge of the coin pocket, and on the back of the belt loop.

We’ve upgraded ours with just the right amount of stretch to make them even more comfortable. Source

Shop your favorite AEO Jeans HERE and show us how you wear them with #ICAN (or #WeAllCan if you’re with friends!).

Denim Glossary Fabrication

Denim Glossary Fit Specs

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We couldn’t wait any longer… the City Sweatshirt is here early! And our stylist is ALL about it. Oversized, super soft and super comfy, this is THE must-have top for shorts in the summer and leggings in the fall.


Shop Erin’s Outfit: City Sweatshirt | Scoop Piping Bikini Top | Piping Bikini Bottom |  Vintage Hi-Rise Festival Short

Summer heat doesn’t mean you can’t rock your sweatshirt… every AC blast and cool summer night needs a City Sweatshirt. Wear it over classic denim cutoffs and our other favorite new trend—white piping swim. Go big or go home!


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DIY Palm Print Shorts

Change up your chambray and customize your summer look! Read on to learn how to make your very own palm print shorts.

DIY Palm Print Shorts


  • 1 pair of shorts (find new ones here!)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Fabric paint in colors of your choice
  • Palm stencils
  • Painter’s tape
  • Cardboard

DIY Palm Print Shorts


  1. Place the shorts on a flat surface and put the cardboard inside so the paint doesn’t bleed through.
  2. Using the painter’s tape, secure the stencil firmly to the shorts, ensuring it doesn’t move while you paint.
  3. Dip your paintbrush into the paint and lightly dab it over the surface of the stencil.DIY Palm Print Shorts
  4. To create an ombre effect, use another paintbrush for darker colors and slowly paint over one another.
  5. Slowly remove the tape and lift the stencil up to avoid any smudges.D
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 in different areas of the shorts, wherever you want some palm!
  7. Let the shorts dry on a flat surface.DIY Palm Print Shorts
  8. Remove the cardboard and wash the shorts following paint and care instructions.
  9. Pair them with your fave top and wear them out!

DIY Palm Print ShortsHow do you customize your summer style? Comment below & tell us!


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DIY: Embroidered denim jacket!

We’re all about individual style, and customized denim jackets are an easy (and fun!) way to add a unique element to your look. ESPECIALLY this season – pins, patches and embroidered details are EVERYWHERE. Iron-on patches designed to look like embroidery will make your jacket look like it took hours to create, while actually only taking up a few minutes of your time.

(Pro tip: if you’re not into DIY, you can shop our embroidered jackets herehere and here)

M&J Trimming Patches DIY Embroidered Jacket

To find our iron-on patches, we took a trip to M&J Trimming in NYC. We chose big, bold floral details that complemented our perfectly worn-in denim jackets, but if flowers aren’t your thing, they have tons of other super-cool patches including stars, tigers and tattoo-inspired designs. Keep reading for our DIY tutorial!

Women’s Vintage Hi-Rise Jean | Women’s Jegging | Men’s Skinny | Men’s Slim

M&J Trimming Patches DIY Embroidered Jacket


  • Denim jacket (or other denim of choice!)
  • Iron-on patches (we found ours here)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board or iron-safe surface
  • Thin piece of fabric (dish towel, washcloth, etc.)

M&J Trimming Patches DIY Embroidered Jacket


  1. Heat up the iron on high, no steam.
  2. Plan out your design! Lay your jacket on a flat surface and experiment with patch placement until you find an arrangement you like.
  3. Start ironing the patches on one at a time. Place patch on the desired area and cover with the thin fabric.
  4. Lay the iron over the patch for 30-60 seconds, giving the glue enough time to adhere to the jacket.
  5. Let the patch cool completely before checking to make sure it’s secure.
  6. Repeat for each patch!

M&J Trimming Patches DIY Embroidered Jacket

Will you give this DIY a try? Take a pic of your finished jacket & share it with us using #WeAllCan!

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How to Style Denim Cutoffs, featuring Mars Jackson

Meet Mars Jacksonan indie artist raised and based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mars is currently signed with Misra Records, and when he’s not working on music or doing shows, he’s busy discovering new ways to enjoy his city to the fullest — as you can see on his artfully curated (and Pittsburgh-proud) Instagram.

We asked Mars to style one of our favorite pieces from the latest AEO men’s collection: the denim cutoff. With an updated, tailored fit, shorter inseam, and distressed details, these shorts are an obvious choice for your summer go-to.

Check out Mars’ style tips for the perfect casual-cool look (along with a few glimpses of his beloved Steel City) below.

Mars Jackson styles the five pocket cutoff denim short and long sleeve graphic t-shrirt“Music and researching the art of style is something that makes me feel free. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by my surroundings and friends who loved watching cartoons, wrestling or skating and playing video games.”

Mars Jackson styles the five pocket cutoff denim short and long sleeve graphic t-shrirt Mars Jackson styles the five pocket cutoff denim short and long sleeve graphic t-shrirt

What inspired Mars’ look:
“I’m still influenced by my upbringing. I naturally give off a laid-back vibe, especially when it comes to style, and I love feeling comfortable wherever I go. I loved how comfortable the Extreme Flex Denim Shorts were. You can’t go wrong with the Flex. I paired them back to the Long Sleeve Feel Fine T- Shirt and a basic jean jacket – perfect for a summer evening in the city of Pittsburgh.”

Mars Jackson styles the five pocket cutoff denim short and long sleeve graphic t-shrirt


SHOP THE LOOK: Feel Fine Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Extreme Flex Denim Short
New Balance 300 Suede Sneaker (Similar) | Crew Socks (Similar)

PHOTOGRAPHY: @keeppittsburghdope

Show us how you’re styling YOUR denim cutoffs using #WeAllCan on Instagram & Twitter for a chance to be featured in our Style Gallery.

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How To Style A Matching Skirt & Crop Top With The Boho Flow

We love a festival-ready look. Black ground floral patterns are an edgy way to ease into pretty Spring patterns, and few things make us think of warm weather more than crop tops and bare shoulders. We’re also really in to the matchback look this season (perfect pairs are so easy to wear when the work is already done for you!). Cristina from The Boho Flow brings this look to life in our Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top and Button Front Maxi Skirt. Check out Cristina’s full look below & let us know how you’ll style a matching set in the comments (or take a pic & show us for a chance to be featured in our Style Gallery)!

Cristina Monti Fashion and Lifestyle blogger wearing american eagle floral print two piece crop top and skirt with slit

Meet Cristina:
“I created my fashion lifestyle blog, The Boho Flow, in hopes of inspiring woman all over through my personal style, taste in music and thirst for life. I believe there is beauty in everything life has to offer. I also believe you create your own beauty, hence The Boho Flow, in my case. It’s a space where I get to create freely everything I find beautiful or inspiring.

Throughout my time as a blogger, I’ve come to realize that I have many passions. I’m currently very passionate about travelling and living a healthy and proactive lifestyle. I think that there’s a lot a person can learn from travelling and creating content and really just following your heart, dreams and what brings you the most joy.

My main goal is to keep creating innovative content that inspires the on the go millennial young woman. I’m a strong believer in spiritually and a healthy lifestyle, so as I grow and learn much about myself, my style, beliefs and mindset evolve just the same.Travelling to places I’ve never seen. Learning different cultures, perspectives, beliefs, lifestyles, etc., these are all characteristics that help me create content to encourage woman to feel strong, beautiful, elegant, ambitious all while conveying a cool unique and flavourful in the know style.”

Cristina Monti Fashion and Lifestyle blogger wearing american eagle floral print two piece crop top and skirt with slit

What Inspired Cristina’s Look:
“If you know anything about me or my style, you would know that I love black. It was a pretty easy choice for me to pick such a cute ensemble since its base is black, making the floral print not too overbearing and just feminine enough.

Spring is in bloom, which means florals, off the shoulder tops, skirts and everything pretty. As a result, this look right here. American Eagle really knows how to start a new season with a bang. I took the liberty in pairing this awesome floral crop top and matching maxi skirt with fishnets, a leather jacket ( because it’s not yet warm enough to be bare shoulder ) and velvet heel booties. I wanted to add my edgy touch to this awesome floral set and voilà!

I can’t wait for summer so that I can get to rock this top with a pair of high-waisted jeans and a little denim jacket or this skirt with a little tank or thin knitted sweater and sneakers. Looks I really look forward styling with these pretty American Eagle pieces.”

Cristina Monti Fashion and Lifestyle blogger wearing american eagle floral print two piece crop top and skirt with slit

Shop the Look: Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top | Button Front Maxi Skirt | Bomber Jacket (Similar)
Sunglasses (Similar) | Tassel Heeled Bootie (Similar) | Layered Necklace (Similar)

Show us how you’re styling matching sets using on Instagram & Twitter for a chance to be featured in our Style Gallery.

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