It’s Here! Aerie’s New Store Design

What goes under your AEO? Aerie, of course! With our new easy to shop, customer focused, and freshly designed store, you’ll find it has never been easier to shop for intimates.

We sat down with Hannah B., Aerie’s Marketing Coordinator, and one of the many minds behind the new store design and asked her to give us a behind-the-scenes look at new Aerie stores.


Aerie: What can the Aerie girl expect from the new store design? How is it different?

Hannah: It was designed with her in mind. The new stores are located next to or inside AEO stores to create an easier experience while shopping between brands. That way she can outfit herself from head-to-toe in one stop! The entire store is focused around the ideal shopping experience for our girl. She’ll love the ease of our new undie and bra fixtures!


Aerie: Personally, what is your favorite part of the new store design?

Hannah: I have two! First, the undie cage fixture is SO pretty! It’s front and center and grabs your eye the moment you enter the store. It’s shoppable from every angle, featuring wide, lit drawers that makes finding your favorite Aerie undies a breeze.  And, I can’t forget to mention the chandelier lights that hang down from the center! They make quite the glamorous showcase for our undies.

I also love the new concierge area that truly adds a personalized experience when shopping at Aerie. Since the fitting rooms are incorporated in this area, our Bra Experts are always close at hand to offer assistance. What I love most is that they’ll even bring you your own tray of personally recommended bras and place them on the table outside of your fitting room. Whenever you’re ready to try a new one, there they are! It’s a private, yet intimate, personalized experience.


Aerie: Okay, well we are now on the edge of our seats. We want to go bra shopping NOW! Where can our girl find one of these amazing new Aerie stores?

Hannah: 11 stores have already hit the US with 10 more opening this year. We’re also going GLOBAL! The design made its debut in our Israel store this past spring. Girls can also shop the new store design in Ontario, Quebec, China, Mexico, Columbia, and soon, the UK.

Thanks for the sneak peek Hannah! We can’t wait to shop!

So let’s hear it! Who has shopped the Aerie store design? Or, what feature are you excited about? Tell us below!



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#AskJenny Questions of the Week: Gapping and Uneven Bust Size

You asked, Jenny answered! Read on to hear Jenny’s quick fixes to some of the biggest bra fit FAQ’s you were asking about this week. Jenny's here to turn your bra "oh no's" into "whoa's"! Q: How do I avoid the dreaded “gap” between the cups and my body when wearing bras and swim?

Jenny: We have all experienced the “gap” when trying on bras and swim tops. Most often it’s due to the wrong choice in bra style, although fit can play a role. Next time you come into your Aerie store, have a fitting to make sure you are wearing your right size (or, if you don’t have a store near you, measure yourself using our handy measuring guide).

Once you know you’re wearing the right size, make sure you try on multiple bra styles to pick the best one for you. There’s no such thing as “standard” size or shaped breasts, which is why there are so many bra types, like demi, balconette and full cup. It’s like shopping for jeans! We aren’t all standard straight leg girls. Take a handful of bra styles into the fitting room with you.Chances are, that if you are getting that gap, that your breasts need some fullness at the bottom. This doesn’t mean you need MAJOR padding (that is a personal choice), but something with a little lift. I recommend styles that are not full coverage, like a demi, with a little push in the bottom of the cups. My picks would be the Harper or the Bridget.

Another option to solve the gap is to go for a bra with stretch at the top of the cup. The Aerie Lace Racerback Bralette or the Aerie Softest Lace Perky Bralette would be perfect. Instead of showing gap, they hug the skin and lay perfectly on most of us!

Gapping and uneven bust issues? Cue Jenny to the rescue with some insider tips!

Gapping and uneven bust issues? Cue Jenny to the rescue with some insider tips!

Q: Do you have any advice for girls with uneven busts (one breast is larger than the other)?

Jenny: The question on EVERY girls mind! So many girls come to me with this question, and I can’t stress enough how totally normal this is. It is also an easy fix.

Go for a bra that best fits the larger/fuller breast. Once that girl is great, then you just need to add push into the smaller cup to even them out.

If the difference in breast size is small, I like bras and swim tops with removable pads for a super easy fix. For bras with removable pads, two of my go-to’s are Emma and Mia, and I love Aerie’s Bandeau and Triangle bikini tops for swim. Just take the pad out of the larger cup and voila! You’re set. You can also try doubling up with the pad you removed to create even more lift in your smaller bust size.

If the difference between the two breasts is fairly large, then go for an easy trick I used as a stylist when dressing celebs (whose boobs were uneven, too!). Get a pair of Aerie Push-Up Lifts (also known as “chicken cutlets”) and place one into the smaller side. Just make sure you lift up your breast and tuck the Push-Up Lift between your breast and the bra so that it gives a natural push and won’t fall out.

Thanks, Jenny! Remember, you can always ask Jenny your fit and style questions by tweeting @Aerie with #AskJenny or by emailing! We’ll be posting her quick tips for your questions weekly, so be sure to check back on the blog for more!



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90 Seconds with Jenny Altman

Our style and fit expert, Jenny Altman, is always there to answer our Aerie girls’ questions about all things intimates (just #AskJenny!)…but we wanted to ask her a few questions of our own!

We grabbed Jenny between takes in our studio to get to know her a little better. Watch our rapid fire interview as she dishes on some of her favorite things!



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Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Summer is officially here and with it comes barbecues, weddings, festivals, beach days, and more! Our go-to look for these special occasions and well, every summer day is quick, easy, and naturally beautiful. Read on to learn how to create the perfect beach wave and apply dewy summer make-up like a pro!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Meet Rachelle! She just arrived in the Aerie studio and needs a quick hair touch-up before she starts the day!

What you’ll need: 
Foundation (With SPF is a bonus!) 
Light Pink or Coral Lip Gloss 
Light Brown Eyebrow Pencil 
Your Favorite Beige and Brown Shimmery Eye Shadow 
Curling Wand – 1 Inch Barrel 

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Rachelle’s “before” look. With her natural beauty, our make-up artist keeps the make-up light with rosy blushes and coral lip gloss.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Tip: Bold brows are in! Fill in your brows for a fuller look and never use a black pencil. Less is more.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Next, apply a light layer of shimmery eye shadow to brighten tired morning eyes.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Add a bit of color! We went for a bit of a warmer, rusty brown.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Next, curl your lashes and add 1 coat of brown or black mascara.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Sabrina R., Aerie’s Hair and Make-up Artist adds a bit of foundation that matches Rachelle’s skin tone.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

With a large round brush try a peachy, warm blush for a natural glow!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Complete the look with a light pink lip! We went with gloss.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Beautiful! Next, let’s get those beachy waves!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

First step, shake out that mane!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Divide your hair into two parts. Then, take 1 inch wide sections to place around your curling wand.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Wrap the hair around your wand and hold. Depending on your hair type…don’t hold for too long!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Watch the complete tutorial below!



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Aerie’s Prom Essentials

Prom season brings with it lots of choices…date? Check. Corsage? Check. Limo? Check. Group of girlfriends to take a million pictures with? Check. And, most importantly…dress? Check!

Unfortunately, sometimes the prettiest formal wear comes with a big challenge…what to wear underneath? Luckily, Aerie is here to solve any strapless, backless, low cut, one-shoulder predicaments that prom season may bring your way. Now all that’s left on your list will be to dance the night away!

From bras and bra accessories, to undies, beauty and more, Aerie's got you covered for prom!

From bras and bra accessories, to undies, beauty and more, Aerie’s got you covered for prom!

Our bare bras are an absolute essential for all of your backless formal wear needs. Our original style, the Bare Bra , keeps you covered while adding just a bit of cleavage. For backless coverage with little lift, try our Lace Bare Bra, the newest style in our bare collection. The Lace Bare Bra provides coverage and a perky lift, and her allover lace detail adds a touch of pretty to your look.

Learn more with our Style and Fit expert, Jenny Altman and her tips and tricks to wearing and caring for our Bare Bras.

If you already have the bra you need, but are looking for a few quick fixes, we’ve got your number! To give the girls a little help filling out a lower-cut dress, try our Pushup Lifts. These one-size-fits-all inserts can be placed inside the cup of any bra to provide the perfect lift.

Wearing a racerback dress, but want to rock your favorite bra? Our strap converters are the solution you’re looking for. Plus, they’re perfect for tanks! Getting more mileage out of your favorite bra? We’re in.

Our last quick fix – Apparel TapeThis handy, on-the-go package holds 24 adhesive strips to keep your dress in place. Added bonus – if someone’s date pops a button, or a friend’s zipper malfunctions, you’ve got it covered.

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking bra that will stay put through late nights, our convertible and multi-way bras will do the trick! No matter the neckline or strap detail, Aerie has got you covered. Check out our Spring Dress Dilemma post to find the perfect one for you! One thing’s for sure – this is one occasion when having a split personality is definitely a good thing.

Our quick fix to keep from getting your undies in a bunch? Our Outta-Sight collection! The soft seamless spandex fabric and tagless design means a comfy fit that will lay flat – and stay put – all night! We especially heart the styles with pretty lace and pattern details.

Our Outta-Sight Undie in buff is the perfect no show option under white dresses. We love them under white skinnies, too!

Our Outta-Sight Undie in buff is the perfect no-show option under white dresses. We love them under our white skinnies, too!

It wouldn’t be a picture-perfect prom look without the finishing touches! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the fragrance you need for a special night out. The feminine, floral notes help complete a pretty look – like a bold pink lip and nails to match!

All pink everything! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the perfect match with a girly pink lip and nail beauty look

All pink everything! Our Whoa!! fragrance is the perfect match for a girly beauty look.

No matter the dress, Aerie’s here to solve all your prom predicaments – we’ll help you check “find a bra” off your list! Shop at or in your local Aerie store to find your perfect fit. Still have questions? Ask us on Twitter or Facebook!



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