Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Shopping, inspiration and fun fun fun now open at 72 Spring Street… it’s Aerie like you’ve never seen it before! Our new pop-up brings you the full Aerie collection and #AerieREAL experience, from inspirational events with Iskra, to Chill. Play. Move. workout classes on weekends, to personalized shopping sessions. Stop by the next time you’re in NYC to see our extra special new space!

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Spring Street just got REAL! Come see us at 72 Spring Street in SoHo.

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Jen Foyle, Aerie Global Brand President, officially opens our amazing new space. 

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Cheers to #AerieREAL! 

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Everyone’s welcome and there’s only one rule: keep it #AerieREAL

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

We partnered with local female-owned businesses like Uprooted Flower Truck to showcase their brands and continue our mission of empowering girls everywhere. 

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

#AerieREAL inspiration by Aerie Graphic Designer @brittersjay

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open

Our new pop-up is open just in time for holiday shopping! 

Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open


Hey NYC, Meet Aerie! Our SoHo Pop-up Is Open


We can’t wait to see you soon!

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REAL Talk: Holiday Edition!

Iskra Lawrence, our #AerieREAL Role Model, sat down with the #AerieREAL girls at our Holiday ’16 photoshoot and asked what REAL means to them. Watch them all now and share your story below.

“It’s priceless to feel how you are.” – Katty

“Everyone should feel beautiful because the are!” – Lily Jean

“You have to embrace your story. You can never forget where you come from.” – Iesha

“I always try to tell people not to compare themselves. Just embrace your own beauty.” – Diana

“I’m really comfortable in my skin, and I know what matters is what’s in your heart.” – Allison

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Real Talk with Amber – #AerieREAL

Real Talk with Amber – #AerieREAL

Meet Amber! The newest addition to our Aerie team. Beautiful inside and out, click to watch what makes Amber #AerieREAL.

Have you heard about Aerie REAL? Well, we think it’s time for a change. We think it’s time we get real and think real. We want every girl to feel good about who they are and what they look like, inside out. This means no more retouching our girls and no more supermodels.

Why? Because there is no reason to retouch beauty. We think the real you is sexy.

Shop our new Bra Guide and see bras in YOUR cup size!

Tweet us at @Aerie and tag your images with #AerieREAL on Instagram and Twitter to share the love!



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Introducing the Best Basics Collection

Introducing the Best Basics Collection

Introducing the Best Basics collection! From Caramel to Fair, we recognize that nude and your most basic bra may not be just one color. It’s a variation of tones, hues, and warmth. Having your basics for back to school and for your favorite tee are a must. We sat down with Kodi T., one of Aerie’s online Assistant Buyers, to find out what makes the Best Basics collection the perfect match for you.

What features makes a bra perfect for wearing under a t-shirt?

Katie is a great t-shirt bra for a number of reasons! First- her full coverage gives great support and shape for aerie girls of any size. Second, her smooth and soft microfiber isn’t just comfortable – it’s perfectly discrete under even your thinnest Tees.

Katie Vintage Lace - Nude

Vintage Lace

What are some tips for buying bras that go under a white top?

Either go incognito in one of aerie’s 7 shades of nude or go bold in a statement color bralette! Avoid white under white t-shirt– you’ll get more show through than you’d expect!

In the Aerie sea of bright colors and lacy details, what makes the Best Basics collection special?

The Best Basics collection is special because it offers nude matches for a range of skin tones – at only $29.95 ($20 this week!) Not to mention, everyone needs a couple of great nude bras in their drawer! They are a functional solution piece, like a pair of black pumps!

Katie Lightly Lined - Caramel

Vintage Lace Boybrief

With trends that involve showing off pretty straps in different colors, why did we want to expand the neutral line of bras?

While we are all for showing off your bra here at aerie – every girl needs a couple basic nude bras! This new line of neutrals will make sure that even more aerie girls can find a great match!

How did you choose the colors for the line?

We took a critical look at our basics offerings and realized we had a lot more to offer! Our design team in New York did a great job of expanding our existing shades of nude with every aerie girl in mind!

Katie Lightly Lined - Dark Maple

Vintage Lace Undie - Dark Maple

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look Kodi!  Love it? Click here to shop the Best Basics Collection.

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