Digital Detox: Hiking With Mae

Less screen time. More you time. We asked some of the Aerie girls at our HQ how they work a digital detox into their lives to balance between REAL life and likes.

Mae, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, starts her weekends early and outside to digitally detox: “Hiking is the one way I can disconnect. It’s just me, the woods and my thoughts. On the weekends, I wake up in the morning, throw on a pair of leggings and head to the trails.”

Digital Detox: Hiking With Mae

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“Nature in and of itself is a great way to digitally detox and leave the stress of your day-to-day life behind.  Not to mention, it’s a great way to stay active, get your heart rate up and enjoy some fresh air.”

How do you take a digital detox? Comment below & tell us!





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AEO Parka Jackets

The beginning of December always feels like the start of a great journey with the promise of an amazing holiday at the end. Because our AEO Parka’s are crafted for every adventure, they’ll help you make it through the freezing temps in #AEOSTYLE this season. Some of our most versatile and wearable coatsAEO Parka’s stand out from the rest with details like detachable faux fur, lined hoods and fleece lined pockets & cuffs.

The AEO Nylon Parka for men is equipped with tons of pockets for easy access to phones, keys and wallets. It’s a classic fit with Nylon construction to last through the harshest cold weather. Plus, a lined hood will keep the chill out. Likewise, the women’s AEO Tundra Parka is made to keep the warmth in. Polarlite fill, water-resistant construction and a longer length will carry you through whatever adventure you’re planning (skiing, anyone?).

Architecture of AEO Parkas

What will you do this winter in an AEO Parka? Tell us in the comments below & show us how you style your outerwear by using #AEOSTYLE on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured in our style gallery.

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