Stylist’s Picks: Hello, moto

Sporty style is everything right now, just ask Erin! She’s pairing her Move Moto Legging with our softest-ever plush Hometown Sweatshirt. Add these Velvet Slides for a touch of a fall trend while it’s still hot outside, and wear what’s on your mind with a cute b-ball hat! Do you want to wash the dishes? Clean your room? Take out the trash? Maybe later…Hello, moto

Hello, moto

The only thing that can make our Hometown Sweatshirt better is this plush fabric. You’ll be feeling all the feels in this supersoft take on our easiest oversized style!


Hello, moto

Erin loves adding feminine details to the sportiest looks. Add some pretty to your day in our Wildflower Lace Racerback Bralette. It’s smooth, comfy and cute to wear all day long!


Hello, moto

Stitching and mesh details kick your Move Moto Legging up a notch. In your favorite Feel Cool fabric, these leggings have medium support with a smooth touch for your next workout (or not!).


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DIY Essential Oil Diffuser

Make your room a little more zen with the natural scent of essential oils! Read on below to see how to make your own reed diffuser.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


  • Base oil of your choice (we used safflower)
  • Essential oil of your choice (we used lavender)
  • Wooden reeds
  • Dried lavender*
  • Twine*


Processed with VSCO with a6 presetWHAT TO DO:

  1. Using your clean, glass container, pour in your base oil until glass is 1/4 of the way full.
  2. Add 12 drops of essential oil for fragrance.
  3. Take 6 wooden reeds and dip them into the oil, saturating the ends.
  4. Place the reeds dry end down into the oil so both ends are absorbed.
  5. Switch the ends once a week to ensure diffusion.
  6. Wrap twice around the neck of the container and tie with dried lavender.
  7. Enjoy lasting, natural fragrance!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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Real Talk with Evelyn Riddell

Evie is a history student at the University of Toronto, an active member of the type one diabetes community, and she just so happens to be fearless wearing a bra in front of a camera! Read on for more of her story and why she wanted to join our latest #AerieREAL photoshoot.


What made you want to join this #AerieREAL bra photoshoot?

Aerie has been my favourite store for many years. I started out with wearing their clothes, and then ended up loving their message. I often looked at their photos in store and on social media, wondering if I could ever be a part of their movement, but at first I thought my Type One Diabetes would somehow disqualify me. After all, I had never seen anyone like myself represented before. I had faith, however, that if any store could change this, it would be Aerie! When I saw the contest opportunity on their Instagram, I decided to take a chance and apply. I hoped that I would be given the opportunity to not only make my dream come true, but to represent all Type One diabetics and give them a voice.

You’re on our site rocking a bra and an insulin pump, and people everywhere (us included!) are so inspired by you. How does it feel to represent the diabetic community?  

It has been absolutely surreal! When I was diagnosed, one of the first things I noticed was how incredibly supportive the Type One community is. From the very beginning I have been an active member of this community, and I am forever grateful for the lessons, friends and opportunities it has given me. It feels amazing to be giving back, and be representing Type Ones within the #AerieREAL movement. I’ve heard from countless individuals saying how this campaign is the first time they’ve seen themselves represented in the media. I have received messages from tweens, teens, adults, and parents of young children. Many individuals have even sent me photos wearing their Continuous Glucose Monitors [CGM] or insulin pumps visibly for the first time. My hope is that one day soon it won’t be a single campaign representing the community, but Type One representation will be so normalized that we’ll see devices worn confidently, and blood sugar checks done proudly everywhere… until there’s a cure!!

Have you seen representation of people with diabetes in the media before? How has it (or the lack of it) affected you?

The only time I see Type One representation in the media is when I’m actively looking for it. That’s why the type one community is so important, because it provides us with examples of individuals thriving and proudly living with Type One Diabetes. Without these, there really isn’t representation within “mainstream” media. There is a narrative of general “diabetes” within advertising, which leads to many misunderstandings about the differences between Type One and Type Two diabetes. Because of this incomplete narrative I have received many rude or ignorant comments about my personal health. I have been subjected to comments from both my peers and strangers, ranging from my eating habits to their reasons for my diagnosis, and even my body type. This was not easy to deal with as a 12 year old girl already struggling with self-confidence and body positivity. This is why representation of Type One Diabetes is so important, because it can educate people and help breakdown harmful misconceptions. I know that this campaign would have meant the world to a me at 12 years old, and I hope that it will mean just as much to everyone else.BTS2_Carousel_Bras_2_2

Tell us about your experience on the shoot!

The shoot was absolutely incredible! One of the most empowering, exciting and fulfilling days of my life! Every single person on set genuinely believes in Aerie’s message. Their first priority was making sure all the models felt comfortable and safe. Wearing just a bra and underwear can be intimidating, especially with flashing lights and cameras pointed at you. This being said, I never felt anything other than comfortable and was surprised how natural it all felt. As someone with Type One diabetes, Aerie made sure there was always food in case I went low, and were all eager to learn more about how my devices worked. I arrived beyond excited yet very nervous, and by the end of the day, left feeling like I had a new family.

What makes you #AerieREAL?

I’m not perfect, far from it, but I’m trying my best! I’m real about this, and I want people to know it! When it comes to my Type One Diabetes, I don’t want to pretend that it’s not difficult. Growing up I was always a perfectionist, but type one has helped teach me that there is no such thing as “perfect”. Having a chronic illness means learning to accept both the highs and the lows, and being content with knowing you’re trying your best. I wear my insulin pump and CGM proudly, because without it I can’t grow, mature and live the life I want to.


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Feeling REAL good in your bra with Jenna Kutcher

Let’s be honest, going bra shopping hasn’t been at the top of our list of “fun experiences”…. but that? That’s a thing of the past and now shopping for bras doesn’t have to be this daunting experience where you leave frustrated, insecure, and empty handed…. because if we get down to it, it’s not even really about the bra itself but how you FEEL in it and Aerie is making sure that you’ll leave the store feeling real good.

When I sat down with the Aerie team, recounting awkward dressing room experiences and frustrations that left me wondering what was wrong with my body or squeezing into bras that just didn’t fit right, I realized that many other women probably have shared similar experiences. Ladies, we are not alone in the fact that finding the best fit for the “the girls” isn’t an easy task – but now? It’s one that can leave you feeling powerful, happy, and REAL.

At the shoot, we quickly discovered that pregnancy had already changed my body (and cup size) a lot, so there I was, standing in a dressing room saying a silent prayer that I could find something to fit my changing body. The Aerie team got to work finding new bras that fit me amazingly and I let out a “sigh” of relief knowing there were options that could accommodate my changing “girls” that left me feeling powerful and confident. Dressing room nightmares, be gone, because Aerie’s changing the game once and for all.

So let’s dive on into what’s new at Aerie and I’ll share my personal experience (candidly) about each collection and how they made me feel!


To kick off the collections, let’s start with the “Real Me” line, which feels almost like a second skin. The new Real Me Full Coverage Push Up Bra has a great amount of lift and boost, and I’m drawn to wear this bra in my everyday life the most because it feels like an extension of me without feeling like too much.

The “Real Happy” is named that for a reason, this collection is known for all the right options in all the right places and let me tell you… the Real Happy Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bras has the most cup coverage of all the options and reinforced straps. Since my body is a changing being pregnant, this one makes me feel the most secure of all!

3.jpgNow, let me tell you about the “Real Sunnie!” There’s a reason this is the #1 tee shirt bra for Aerie, it’s soft, stretchy, and supportive and amazing for under just about everything. It comes in many options from lightly lined to wireless, so you’re sure to find the best fit! Seriously, from strapless to push up, there’s a Real Sunnie waiting for you!

The “Real Power” lives up to its name with a plunging neckline and convertible straps – not to mention a convertible amount of boost in the form of a push up. It can be your secret power for the next time you need a little extra something! The lace options are TO-DIE-FOR and probably my personal favorite from this collection!

Regardless of which you choose, it’s all about how you F EEL – from the experience of shopping whether you’re in a fitting room or the comfort of your home, we want your Aerie purchase to be made with total confidence (and it can, because returns? They are on us!) Now? I’m excited to purchase new bras because I know that there’s a size for me and everybody and options for every occasion. Trust me, when you focus on how you feel, everything changes!



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Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

A little lived in and a lot loved. Doesn’t get much cooler than new Distressed Joggers! Erin encourages you to stay on the comfort of your couch in these new joggers, but if you must go out, Gola Specialist Sneakers are the cutest addition for running around town.

Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

Our newest Real Me Push Up is coming in hot with new shades! It’s totally ok to show a little peek of the strap when it’s as pretty as this lilac color. Pair it with the cute smocking details of our Seamless Undies, and add this fun Lace Trim Flowy Tank to dress up your lazy-day style. Its fall florals keep the summer spirit alive, and you can always layer your go-to Aerie Cardi on top when it gets chilly.Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

Stylist’s Pick: Destroyed Joggers

With 10 colors, you’ll have a pair of Distressed Joggers to go with everything in your closet. Happy cozy times!


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Our design team always uses real customer feedback to help create the season’s newest jeans. This year, we thought it would be fun to send our jeans to a random NYC couple who don’t wear American Eagle jeans.

Background info:
Location: Brooklyn, NY
30 year old male – Touring musician/drummer
30 year old female – Freelance writer

The last time I wore American Eagle jeans was somewhere in the 2000s. I know this because, like everyone else in my high school, I was watching “The O.C.”—a show about beautiful teens being sad despite being rich and beautiful (this teen trope was new at the time). Like many, I wanted to be Marissa and Summer—always layering AE polos with hand-sized jean skirts. So naturally, I would regularly go to the store to copy their exact looks.

Fast forward to present day, my boyfriend and I are asked to test out some of the new jeans because we are skeptical. Two reasons why: one, we feel way too old for American Eagle jeans and secondly, we don’t think they’ll fit or look good on us. After all, the last time I wore a pair was when we, as a society, agreed that low-rise jeans on girls were THE thing and flared jeans on boys were cool. (We were wrong.)

But after a reddit deep dive of “surprising” rave reviews, we figured the Internet can’t be wrong.

Still, I feel pessimistic but I am relieved that the box of jeans has no low rises in sight. My man is not a jean wearer so he was just happy to try on a variety whereas I, on the other hand, only requested high-waisted fits because they’re my favorite. Nevertheless, I was still shocked to find so many different high rises. I’ll start with mine, from most stretchy to least.

1. High-Waisted Jegging – The Dream Jean
These felt the least like jeans—insanely smooth and stretchy against my skin but I would never have known just by looking at them. They really felt like second skin but looked like jeans. I’m not crazy about super skinny jeans but I will say that my butt looked UH-mazing in these.




2. High-Waisted Jegging – Super Stretch
Usually, I really really hate jeggings. They tend to look cheesy and cheap. All the fake whiskering and the strange grid-like fabric just scream “jegging!” But these look and feel like real jeans—durable, thick, and incredibly well made. Good job, AE!




3. High-Waisted Jegging – Ne(x)t Level
You’re going to have to try these on for yourself because they feel unlike any other jeans I’ve tried. Insanely stretchy but in a way that holds you in. They’d be great for going to an all-you-can-eat buffet, a night of dancing, or a long(ish) flight. Tight, not restrictive. I’ve gotta say that I’m not a destructed jean girl (these went all the way down both legs) but because of the incredible stretch, I didn’t feel like an exploding can of Pillsbury biscuits.




4. Mom Jean – No stretch
Hands down my favorite pair. As someone who has blown $200+ dollars on a pair of vintage jeans, I feel like such an idiot for not knowing these exist. They feel like someone’s already broken them in for me which, if you’re familiar with how rigid and uncomfortable vintage jeans are, is truly a blessing from the denim gods!




1. Slim – Ne(x)t Level Flex
At this time, my boyfriend was very distracted by my sexy Ne(x)t Level destructed jeans so he just nodded and agreed with my assessment.




2. Slim Straight – Extreme Flex
He was scared of these because “extreme stretch” and “slim” aren’t exactly the type of words he’d ever want in a pair of jeans. But they weren’t tight. They just sort of held onto his body better, if that makes sense. Again, “verrrry comfortable” and “feels amazing” were phrases he threw around a lot.




3. Slim Selvedge – No stretch
These were my favorite on him. He wasn’t used to the slightly roomier, relaxed fit but I loved them. So clean, so minimal, so Tokyo. They were just cool. These felt the most “raw”. No stretch whatsoever but the deep, rich indigo shade is so on point. Will simply have to force him to wear these to feed my female gaze.




4. Dad Jean – No stretch
“They feel so good!” is all he kept saying. Like, a lot. He would not shut up about how great they felt. He said they were also the softest jeans he’s ever put on and they felt “almost as comfortable as sweatpants.” I thought they looked cute but what do I know. Apparently, nothing since I’m the chump who spent $200 dollars on jeans.




In the end, I was shocked that we both didn’t feel “old,” plus we both found a fit that we loved that made us look and feel, well, expensive and that’s pretty much the best-case scenario when it comes to jeans.