In Celebration of the Selfie (And A Few Tips To Make The Most Of Yours)

If you’ve been to your local AE store or lately, you may have noticed that the current campaign is all… selfies. For the first time ever, we handed over creative control to the individuals in the cast, giving them the opportunity to style themselves, shoot their own photos, and truly express who they are.

In the past few years, selfies have become an important part of our culture, changing the way you use social media and maybe even the way you see yourself. Think about it, or better yet, look at your phone. What was the last selfie you took? What were you trying to capture? How did you feel when you took it?

Chances are, you took it when you were feeling pretty good about yourself! What you were wearing, what you were doing, who you were with… in that moment, you were happy and you wanted to remember it. Now THAT’S what a great selfie is all about. It’s about capturing you at your best. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to be in control of your image, and the message you’re putting out into the world. It’s the ultimate form of self-expression, empowering you to share your creativity, your style, your voice.

Whatever you decide to put out there, there are a few things you can do to help keep your selfies real, eye-catching, and on-point. From curated content to a simple shift of perspective, here are a few easy ways to put your best face forward:








Show off your individual style by wearing something you love to wear, or doing something you love to do. Express yourself, that’s what this is all about!


Most photographers will tell you that natural light is the best light, and that goes for selfies, too. Go outside or by a window if you can, and make sure you face your light source to avoid shadows.











There are a few ways to find your best angle. Spend a few minutes vogueing in front of the mirror to “practice”, or just shoot a ton of pics, changing your position slightly each time you snap.


Maybe you’re feeling camera shy but really want to show off an element of your outfit that you love. That’s where selfie spinoffs like the #Shoefie come in. One of the best things about selfies is that they’re open to interpretation.










You start to lose that feel-good selfie magic when you take it too seriously. Relax and be yourself. If you’re not feeling it, save your selfie for another day.


TAG #AEXME for a chance to express yourself on an even broader platform. 





Festival Season Survival Guide


It’s official, festival season has arrived. From now until September, there’s a new event almost every week. No matter which venue you choose, whether you’re doing the day pass thing or camping out for the weekend, there are a few things you won’t want to be caught in the crowd without. Whatever shows you’re going to, these are the essentials that will help you get through your festival experience like a seasoned pro.



animation of women's essential festival items

There’s no denying that what you wear to a festival is as much a part of the experience as the festival itself. The best way to keep your look unique and fresh no matter what the weekend brings is to simplify where you can. Jean shorts are pretty much a no-brainer. They’re comfy, they look good, and they’re ready for literally any scenario. Heat wave? Good thing you’re not wearing full-length jeans. Rainstorm? Shorts dry out way faster than pants or maxi skirts. A little destruction adds the timeless, summery vibe that fits in anywhere from front row to back stage. Make it your own with an eye-catching crocheted halter or printed button down, and throw a flannel or hoodie around your waist to layer on once the sun goes down.

animation of men's essential festival items


bandanas, sunglasses & braceletsSunglasses are a given, and if you’re going the desert route, a bandana is an absolute must. (Nothing will ruin your day faster than a mouthful of dirt and dust.) No matter where you are, you’re going to need a hat. This season’s must-have is the bucket hat, which can add a fun pop of color and print to your look. Plus, it’s way easier to tuck into your back pocket if you don’t need it than that floppy straw hat or wide-brimmed fedora.

sunglasses & bucket hats









AE accessories


Here’s where you really separate the festival newbies from the festival pros. It’s hard to think of a more clutch carryall than a fanny pack or waterproof phone pouch. They’re both wearable, which means you don’t have to worry about losing anything, and they’re the perfect size for keeping all the essentials (phone, cash, keys) close by at all times. Sunscreen, a phone charger, and a reusable water bottle are three things a lot of people don’t think about until they actually need them, but trust us, you will need them.


fanny pack