Festival Season Survival Guide


It’s official, festival season has arrived. From now until September, there’s a new event almost every week. No matter which venue you choose, whether you’re doing the day pass thing or camping out for the weekend, there are a few things you won’t want to be caught in the crowd without. Whatever shows you’re going to, these are the essentials that will help you get through your festival experience like a seasoned pro.



animation of women's essential festival items

There’s no denying that what you wear to a festival is as much a part of the experience as the festival itself. The best way to keep your look unique and fresh no matter what the weekend brings is to simplify where you can. Jean shorts are pretty much a no-brainer. They’re comfy, they look good, and they’re ready for literally any scenario. Heat wave? Good thing you’re not wearing full-length jeans. Rainstorm? Shorts dry out way faster than pants or maxi skirts. A little destruction adds the timeless, summery vibe that fits in anywhere from front row to back stage. Make it your own with an eye-catching crocheted halter or printed button down, and throw a flannel or hoodie around your waist to layer on once the sun goes down.

animation of men's essential festival items


bandanas, sunglasses & braceletsSunglasses are a given, and if you’re going the desert route, a bandana is an absolute must. (Nothing will ruin your day faster than a mouthful of dirt and dust.) No matter where you are, you’re going to need a hat. This season’s must-have is the bucket hat, which can add a fun pop of color and print to your look. Plus, it’s way easier to tuck into your back pocket if you don’t need it than that floppy straw hat or wide-brimmed fedora.

sunglasses & bucket hats









AE accessories


Here’s where you really separate the festival newbies from the festival pros. It’s hard to think of a more clutch carryall than a fanny pack or waterproof phone pouch. They’re both wearable, which means you don’t have to worry about losing anything, and they’re the perfect size for keeping all the essentials (phone, cash, keys) close by at all times. Sunscreen, a phone charger, and a reusable water bottle are three things a lot of people don’t think about until they actually need them, but trust us, you will need them.


fanny pack




Holiday Memories & A Simple Wish for 2019

It may be a new year, and while we can’t wait for all that lies ahead in 2019, we’re still reveling in that warm holiday spirit and wanted to take a look back at a few of our favorite memories from the past month. It was a season filled with friends, family, goodwill, warm laughs, and of course, puppies in sweaters.

Our winter collection of ABO pet sweaters and accessories is one of the things we look forward to most each winter, and luckily you guys have been sharing pics of your BFFs (Best Furry Friends) ever since we launched this season’s styles. We rounded up a few of our favorite snaps to pass on to you to help fill these cold weeks ahead with lots of warm and snuggly vibes. Here’s hoping 2019 is filled with even more furry cuties in clothes.



It’s getting graphic (in a good way)…

AE Graphic Tees


Stay warm and toasty all winter long in exclusive holiday

graphics. (Plus, they make REALLY good gifts – just sayin’…)


Assortment of AE Graphic Tees


AE Graphic Hoodie



Stay warm (and look cool) on the move with a fleece pullover.




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Trending now: teddy bear fleece!


Slip this ridiculously soft and cozy jacket
on and just TRY not to feel all the feels.

We dare you.


AE Teddy Bear Fleece Jacket


Play with texture and dimension!
Layer a warm Sherpa jacket over bold black-and-white stripes,
add a 
studded belt and accessorize away.


assortment of AE jackets & coats



Share how you wear your favorite trends
on Instagram & Twitter with #AEXME @americaneagle
and you could be featured!






#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. In this spirit, AE & Aerie are joining forces with Delivering Good to give back by giving cozy. From November 27th (Giving Tuesday!) through December 6th, for every winter accessory (hats, gloves and scarves) purchased at AE and Aerie, we will donate a warm winter hat to someone in need through Delivering Good!



Delivering Good is a non-profit organization that provides individuals impacted by poverty and natural disasters with new apparel and other goods to offer hope, dignity and self-esteem. Since 1985, Delivering Good has donated more than 1.8 billion new products to individuals in need. You can learn even more about them at delivering-good.org!





To celebrate Giving Tuesday, we’re hosting a group of teens from one of Delivering Good’s partners for a giving-themed holiday party at our Union Square store.

We’ll have a station for wrapping the hats we’ll donate to clients of the charity, a video booth to record and send holiday messages to friends and family, and a customization station for making denim pom-poms for gift wrapping and customizing denim totes and jeans (+ there’s no party without treats and a great DJ!).





We asked our influencers what they’re loving this holiday season. Here’s what they had to say about their favorite styles, gifting, and how they like to celebrate the holidays! 


What was your favorite AE item you wore & why?


@but_its_henry, @lo_behold.style & @bre.moore


I truly loved all the pieces, but if I had to choose, no doubt it would be the pink sweater. The color was popping (literally) and the material was so soft! I really appreciate a sweater with thick material that can be a staple piece in your closet during the winter. You can also dress this sweater up with a cute pair of heels, or dress it down with jeans and your cutest sneakers.


My favorite gift is the flannel. It gives off a 90’s vibe I love that is soft and comfortable –probably one of the softest flannels out there.


My favorite item I wore was the high-waisted jeggings! I’m a sucker for anything high-waisted and these jeans are extremely comfortable and feel like second skin!


My favorite gift from the delivery was the brown AE hoodie. It was so cozy and just easy to throw on. It just works really well with so many fall situations. Need a hoodie to throw on on your way to the gym? Done. Need a sweatshirt to head to the pumpkin farm? Done. Getting a little chilly at your work desk? Done. Also, it has my initials all over it (:


What is your favorite way to celebrate the holiday season?


@kaleblundie & @jhoanybarcos


My favorite way to celebrate the holiday season would have to be sitting by the fire place watching holiday movies with all your favorite snacks! I love watching seasonal movies with my family and friends, but there is something about the holidays that really make it a lot more special!


My favorite way to spend the holidays, is spending the day at home with my family while we watch movies in our PJ’s and sipping on pumpkin spice lattes.


@Jackyln.Lune@Jackyln.Lune & @chellaman

My favorite way to celebrate the holiday season is to surround myself with family, friends and create lasting memories. Decorating the house, making cookies and taking photos all the while enjoying each other’s company.


My family always gets together and spends a few days just talking for hours on end. This is, by far, my favorite time due to the individuality of each of my family members and the unique stories they bring to the table.



Who would you gift AE products to this holiday?

What would you give & why?



I’d gift my mom this holiday season, specifically with the knit sweater. She’s always been a style inspiration to me, letting me wear her clothes and what not when growing up. Gifting her the sweater would not only be a gesture of appreciation for all that she’s done for me, but also keeping her cozy and stylish. 


I would probably gift the beanie to one of my friends because I feel like it is both universally useful and stylish. That way you know that they don’t have to totally commit to wearing an outfit that doesn’t match their style and can instead pair it with something they like. 


I would most likely gift my friend a pair of high-waisted jeggings this holiday season because she always loves tucking in her sweaters and shirts. She also says high rise jeans look the best on her.

@itskelseydespues, @colton.johnson & @randalmanago